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Dolkot Model 70cm ADAM thread

Dec 14, 2007

    1. lets gush about this 73cm beauty! (omg taller than the Dollmore models...)

      make-up pics on Dollkot now! (looks like a more mature mix of Amon and Lucifer!)

      ((if only he wasn't SO tall i'd get him-_-... but i'd definitely look forward to a Head part sale though XD!))
    2. I'm so glad companies are releasing more 70cm guys! That means they will start making clothes for 70cm!
    3. I'm excited to see what he will look like as a whole!!!!!
    4. I like the face-up picture of Adam's head on Dolkot's top page. I can't wait to see him as a whole, but 70cm is too tall for my taste. By the looks of it, his head is small enough to put on a 60cm body without becoming disproportionate... ^^
    5. There's a black-and-white pic of the body with the head on it, in the top row of thumbnails. Definitely a small head, and odd with the boyish face on such a tall body. Looks like it will transfer over to shorter bodies easily, as long as the neck hole isn't too wide --
    6. based from what I see now, I think he has the most beautiful body compared to other 70cm boys.*just my opinion*

      I'd like to see a loon dolkot model if 60cm star head would fit in that body!!!!
    7. He does look very, very pretty indeed *nods* Can't wait for Dolkot to post more pictures and info!! >______<
    8. I hope they offer him in tan. I really really hope so o.o Looks for now like he'll just be normal and white though.
    9. Ooooh he is lovely! His head looks like it's on the small-ish side...I wonder if his head would fit a 60cm boy body instead of the 72cm sized body...hmm.

    10. I was wondering the same thing.
    11. i personally think he's gorgeous!! :D and i really love the taller dolls so i can't wait to see more body pics <3 he might be perfect for a character of mine >.<
    12. I love his face more the longer I stare at it... :D

      He could be El's older brother, who has manlier, stronger features. (Anyone else see the family resemblance? It's only really the eye makeup and the chin, but I still think they would be cute as brothers. :D)
    13. Oh man....
      he's so gorgeous....I think I'm gonna have to get him instead of the dolkot Bera that I've been saving up for...*cries/is happy at the same time*
    14. im saving money for him! 1/4 at the moment... :fangirl:
    15. What a handsome boy. I just love his little hipbones.
    16. I'm buying this boy in about a week. if someone doesn't post pictures of him by the time he arrives.. i will. =D
    17. This boy sure is handsome! I'm waiting after Dolkot to fill the parts space of the 70 dolls on their site so I can really see how is the boy body. If possible, I would by the head with face-up and find another body to fit with: a smaller one cause clothes for 70 cm are hard to find and not in large variety yet. I wonder if the Dolkot resin and the neck hole of the Adam would match a Iplehouse, Soom, Luts or DIM body. I would love to have your comments on that!
      And there's seemed to be a new model coming out soon. I can't wait to see what she or he will look like. More gorgeous than Adam maybe? That will be hard! Lol!

      visualbao, you'll probably be the first one to have a Dolkot Adam on DoA! Will be waiting for pics of his arrival! :)
    18. I really want this guy , anyone own him yet? wanna see owner pics ^_^
    19. bump! i want to see owner pictures as well!