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Dolkot Moon and Loon discussion

Dec 19, 2006

    1. Uh, I dunno if this has been posted or not or how old these two are but I was browsing Dolkot's website and came across these lovelies~


      More here~

      Must have one ;_;! I've never seen a sleepy-eyed Kiss, so I think they're pretty new...Anyone care to translate the page?
    2. They're so breath-takingly gorgeous. I knew it was coming~ I must have one too. *__*

      I wish I knew Korean.
    3. whee! Fellow Vancouverite above me x3
      And aye, I wish I could read Korea too =(
      Maybe I can ask my friend to translate?
    4. Oh. Noooooooooooooooo! Voodoo might need an upgrade <_<
    6. Awwwwwwww they look so pretty. I wish I knew Korean ;_;.
    7. They're definately for sale on the Korean site. I really am loving the dreaming one. One of my only hesitations with my original Kiss was his large eyes, but that dreaming one is to die for. x3

      I'm betting in time they'll come to Dollmore, if you're willing to wait.
    8. That'd be cool =D

      Hopefully Dollmore will sell these pretties sometime in the near futute <3 I know I'd totally get one >_>
    9. I think I just might have to email them . . . .
    10. al;j glkhjliu g/k.jagkl shglksjiojksldafjg. Hello sexy.
    11. The sleeping one is just... wow. *cries from the pretty*
    12. NOOOOOO Not a single doll more to join my WL, NOOOO don't show me this or my WL will die T.T
    13. Beautiful! I like that their names are Moon and Loon. :lol: I wonder if they meant Moon and Lune. But then, maybe he is crazy.
      Loon could make a great surrogate Woosoo for those who don't want to pay crazy prices on the second hand market. :D
    14. I sent dollmore an email asking them if they would be carrying them and when. I really want the loon one, he's simply lovely!
    15. These little resin devils are out to make me have an empty bank account. These can't be true, I successed making myself forget about the original Kiss because of his overly large eyes. Now they have the sleeping and dreaming version ?! After the dreaming school A, now the dreaming Kiss and I was just planning to get a dreaming El head next year ... my list is getting longer & longer. -_-;;
    16. Ah~~~~!!!!! <3 <3 <33333333

      Want. Need. NOW. D<
    17. OMG dreaming Kiss! :aheartbea Oh this one is going to be hard to resist!
    18. the sleeping. so sweet! almost like he is in slumber of wet dream XD
    19. I thought he looked a little like a Woosoo too *.* Anji, let us know what Dollmore says!!
    20. They still haven't answered T_T