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Dolkot's new Model Lynne

Feb 26, 2010

    1. Dolkot just introduced Lynne, a 70cm Model girl.



      In addition, they now have a new "glamour" body that they introduced with this sculpt. It is dramatically different than their previous Model girl body.

      This was their announcement that came with Lynne's announcement:

    2. Any idea when this promotion will last?
    3. Good question! I'll ask in their Q&A forum.
    4. Thank Anneke! Actually I'm more interesting in normal breast body ( lol ) but today they remove the link to last version of model girl body from their site already. Maybe this is a sign of discontinuation.
    5. The body has been given a price on its own-- $440 regularly, $420 as part of the promotion.
    6. Well they redid their star body last year (which I love) so I guess they are updated some of their other lines.

      I like Lynne, she has a very interesting appeal about her.
    7. For all those interested, their special sale will continue until the end of March--specifically this was the post on their Q&A forum where I asked:

    8. I dont like then new big bust body too, so I asked them about it (and if the head is available exta for sale), here is the answer:

      Name : Blue Moon
      [Re] more questions about Lynne

      You can order Lynne with small bust ^^

      And you can order Lynne\'s head separately!

    9. I wonder if "small bust" body is the same as their old Model body, or the new Model body with just smaller boobies. :?

      I would prefer my model body with a smaller bust than Lynne has, but would rather have the larger bust on the new body than the old one. :sweat
    10. I thought they means the old body since I asked if I still can buy the old model doll. They replied that I can. Plus they can swap any model girl's head with Star Kiss head too. ^^
    11. Ah, thank you for the clarification.