New Doll [DOLKS X Doll Chateau Collaboration] "Pearl Ada" 20cm a deer hermit!

Sep 19, 2016

    1. Hello Guys!! We are please to present the new collaboration from Us and DOLL CHATEAU.
      Please meet "Pear Ada", she has pearls some parts of her body that makes her beautiful even in the evening.
      She is around 20cm in size and only 40 bodies available and 2 only at dolkus.
      For more information please click the pictures!!

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    2. Does this Ada come with the normal body part as well as the centaur body?
    3. Hello, Sandia The Skin color is in white skin. Thank you for your interest!! Nice to meet you!
    4. Thank you! Does she come with the hip piece to make her two legged?
    5. So how many of these were made?
      40? Or 2?
    6. Hello Sandia, sorry to ask you. Do you mean her human body and animal body is removable?
    7. Hi Tiniky, All in all set is 40 for all DOLK store, and only 2 for English market. If already sold-out in our english store, you can ask customer service if they can help you to negotiate in their other store to give you.. Thank you for interest!!:)