Dolkus Gilgamesh Discussion

Feb 12, 2020

    1. Hello so I was wondering...

      What do you guys think of the new pre-order Gilgamesh from dolkus?

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I already pre-ordered him with a six month layaway.... xD I can say
      1695usd is pretty much .... for this handsome demi god >__<...

      I am still pretty much bankrupt after ordering Levi " Attack from Titan " from Dolkus...

      But He is limited so I cannot let him go D:.

      What do you guys think of this Boy?
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    2. Digging a memorial for your wallet! Congratulations though! The feeling of not investing in that one limited and seeing all the happy owners ;”)
    3. I might need to eat salt and rice for the next few months Q_Q....
      But I think It was worth it <_< Gilgamesh is my favorite character *o*
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