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Dolkworld.com; New English Site for BJD

May 14, 2010

    1. We have a new site for selling dolls and it is Dolkworld.Com.

      Dolk is an English Site for American BJD Enthusiast. We are concerned of some customers that might not understand the things written in our Japanese and Chinese Site, and so Dolkworld is created for your convenience.

      We are trying to sell BJD from different doll companies like DollZone, SoulDoll, Bluefairy, MinoruDoll, and Many More!

      We do not just sell dolls for your collection, we also sell wigs and clothes for your dolls!

      We are connected to facebook and we have our own blogs. we also offer BJD Enthusiasts the chance to post their doll's pictures at our upcoming gallery.

      We are hoping for your support!



      DolkWorld is Connected to facebook also...We post our new products,events and other notes about doll. we are updating our site from time to time so that you may catch up with us. we are also open for online chat for more information about our site.


      Our blog is synchronized with our facebook. and we are always updating it also. we are writing alot of interesting descriptions about our dolls and i hope that you may continue to support us.


      Dolkworld has also a Chinese and Japanese Site for other BJD Enthusiasts out there. we are hoping that we may be able to accommodate you from all of your BJD needs.