Doll aesthetic

Oct 5, 2020

    1. Hey ya'll how would you describe your doll brand??
    2. Hi! Could you explain what you mean by "brand"? Do you mean the doll company? Or the way our personal collection is styled?


      If you mean the aesthetic of the sculpts themselves, I mostly have semi-realistic to slightly stylized, kind of in the middle of the spectrum from anime to realistic. I have all SD and 70cm except for my first doll who i MSD.

      If you mean how I style them, everybody is modern day clothing, and they range from grunge to goth to emo to metal glam to dark classy. I also tend to paint them in makeup real people wear, whether that's a natural look or goth depends on the character.
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    3. Heh, I think you're assuming that we all gravitate toward one particular style. Personally, I don't have one. I have clumps of dolls who live in different worlds, from teeny, frilly fantasy and cute to large and hyper realistic.
    4. the clothing aesthetic per doll changes, but overall i definitely have more of a fantasy/magical feel going on. i prefer elves, dragons, fairies and the such, so you can see that with each one of my dolls in some way ^^ then they all have their personal style.. though since i love flowy elegant stuff, they all have that touch to their wardrobes too in some capacity.
    5. My favorite dolls are usually more realistic sculpts :D
    6. I like to believe mine are mostly dark and creepy, a bit CGI-realistic, with a sprinkle of anime. (:
    7. I tend to gravitate towards dolls like Fairyland or dolls with sweeter faces. Realistic is not for me and I've realized that I like more childlike YoSD sculpts as I like spoiling them like children. I enjoy buying the cute kid clothes and little toys and props for them. :)

      I've got a few fantasy sculpts on the way but I'm thinking of selling them in favor of more "normal" dolls.
    8. The majority of mine are children.

      Most of the SD size kids are form the same, extended, Vicotrian/Edwardian family of siblings, half siblings, and cousins, except for two 1920s/30s sisters. Not all of themm human

      Some of the minis are part of the the Victorian family too (younger siblings), there's also a 1920s/30s girl (not related tot he SD sisters), a modern girl, and a 50s girl (1950s, 1850s, 1750s, 1650s etc. depending on how she's dressed, although shes only got outfits from the 20th adn 19th century so far).

      The slim-minis are late 20th century "modern" teens, I suppose.

      The inbetweenies/smaller minis are a mixed bag of period, traduitional, and 20thCentury modern.

      The tinies (Yo-SD size) are a mix of Victorian and trad preschoolers, even the elves.

      The teenie-tines are various fae creatures.

      I think that's the best summary I can manage.

    9. It's the case of I know it when I see. I could definitely tell you which dolls were/were not my aesthetic if I was shown pictures but when it comes down to trying describe it as a set of rules it's a bit more fluid. I tend to like sculpts of cute girls and smirking/confident looking guys that are kinda realistic but not too much so. That's just a thing that I've noticed over all the dolls I've collected, but it's hardly a general rule. Even then, I think that those descriptions could be interpreted rather liberally.
    10. My group is all part of an urban or modern fantasy world, with a mix of fairies, elves, and humans living together. They range from semi-stylized to more realistic, with a good number being tan resin and/or having pointy ears.
    11. The ones I currently have are all pretty basic and modern in sense of fashion. Though I dream of having a whole little gothic vampire family. But some dolls just don't wanna be the aesthetic you originally intended for them..
    12. {sigh} So true...

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    13. I love realistic dolls especially in 70cm for male dolls. For the doll sculpt, LLT is my top favorite doll brand of artist Julia Cross. Julia’s dolls are very realistic with beautiful anatomical and detailed depiction. She has stunning aesthetic skills. For the faceup and fashion style, I also prefer realistic look.