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Doll age? Are SD13 supposed to be 13?

Feb 23, 2005

    1. Hiya,

      I need to ask something..Super dollfie 13 are suppose to be 13 year old...i think the bigger ball jointed dolls look much older than 13. i was wondering what do you guys think??

      I think the SD 13 have a more mature female body, just like the Lishe body they have a big bust..which i don't think fit for the regular 13 year old..off course you have busty 13 year old kids..but there are more flat chested 13 year old kids i think.

      I got a Sarang she's suppose to be 9 years old(MSD size)..which i think is pretty good..cause she really has a young cute face but even so..i think because of her hips..and because i can give her lingerie or trendy outfits or dress her like an adult....i could also consider her a 14/15 year old very cute asian girl with no bust..which i think fit's more to her profile cause !

      What do you guys think and what age do you personal think your doll's age is??
      Perhaps she or he is a 300 year old vampire but do you consider your Bigger dolls a more kid age or adult..???

      Lette me know i'm pretty curious about that!
    2. My Sabrina (Choa) is about 16... Jeremiah Blue (bluefairy girl) is 9...

      Shawn (DOD) is 13... Orlando (DOD) is 12... and I think my Chiwoo girl is going to be 22.

      Depending how I dress them, their age varies; Jeremiah Blue can look as young as 6 depending on what size eyes, and what she's wearing. :grin:
    3. I always thought of my SD-sized dolls (espically Dollfie Dream) to be in their 20's ...

      My DOD dolls (MSD-sized) are 16 to me.
    4. i always think of them ias being in thier late teens. thats how they look to me. at least delfs, lovely's, and sd's. tis why I aged my ash'rahm to be 18ish.
    5. .... Though I'm not an owner of a Dollfie (YET!) I can still write my opinion....

      You are right... They don't really look like thirteen years old girls... More like 18-20 years old... Only some in cute outfits though.... With such figure they don't really look so young.... :oops:
    6. My SD13 girl is around 16 years old. My SD13 boy is.. ageless. :oops: I've never really given him a specific age. My minis range between 7 and 9.
    7. Chamael will be nineteen next week. Hazael is... ...oh, somewhere around 3000, give or take a few centuries. Adinael is around 2000 years older than Haze. But then, my dolls are a special case. Matai, the one I'm saving for at the moment, is 24.
    8. Guys, when I was 13 I had boobs. I weighed probably 110 and wore a B cup. :roll: I do think they look like adults, but that is because they are sooo tall. The SD13 are 60 cm tall, and in a 1:3 scale that's 5' 11". I'm sure it's possible for 13 year old kids to be so tall, but they are not proportionate- they should be gangly or something. Not lithe and graceful like models.
    9. Me too...mine are in their early twenties....but little Ivy (CH Petite Ai) is only 7
    10. Mine are elves, so they can look like anything from late teens to twenties and be hundreds or thousands of years old! :grin:
    11. My Io (LF Dana) is 16, my Eurydice (CP Lishe) doesn't have a set age, but is in her early 20's, and Tank Girl (CP Ari Winking) is 21. Pris (CP Lishe sleepy) is 2, but only because she's a replicant.
    12. Yeah, SD10's are a little busty for 10 year olds ... and SD13's are pretty darned busty for young skinny teen girls. I chalk it up to the sculptors not caring for ... average rates of development.

      I consider my MSD older than whatever age it is they're supposed to be. Maybe 12? I don't remember the age I decided on. But then when she has an older sister she's going to look like a dwarf. :oops Ah well. I just won't think much about it at that point! :D
    13. Kasai (my Isao) says he's somewhere in his earlyish 20's. He's a bit cagey though. Like me. :p
    14. My tohya is around 18 to 19 years old in my mind. He just wouldnt work as any younger.
      My sweet is 3 or 4... but she sometimes acts older.
      And my Elf El Vampire head is around 400. But thats cuz he's undead and shit. He was 19 when he was bitten....

    15. My Lishes are between the age of 18 and 22... They are definitely not children... :wink:
    16. It really depends on how you dress your dolls or how you really want them to look like. For me, my dolls looked like 18-ish or 19-ish. Some other SD13 can tend to look older like in their 20s or so.
    17. I think they can look that young depending on how you face-up and style them, but mine are certainly not 13! XD My SD13 boy is in his late twenties, and my other SD's around that age too..my 50cm SD's are more like late teens, so 18-19, and my MSD's are younger teens, like 14-15...but I have slim mini's, I think the Volks MSD's look younger than that. Ultimately, it's what you see in them, I think :D
    18. My understanding was that SD13 means 1:3, 1/3rd human height... MSDs are 1:4, Yo-SDs are 1:6 (aka Barbie scale, basically), and teeny dolls like Pukifees are basically 1:12, or 1 inch equals 1 foot, which is dollhouse scale. It's a shorthand for the scale of miniaturization, not the age of the sculpt.
    19. I think that it was meant to be the approximate age of the sculpt, but I agree with the opening poster--SD10 looks a wee bit older than ten, and the others look to be late teens or adults. But I also think that depending on how you style them as well as the face sculpts you choose, they could represent almost any age you choose. I will be purchasing my first large doll this year, and I want her to be a child of about ten so I will be going the the SD10 body and dressing her in an old fashioned little girl style, but I really have no idea where to shop for little girl clothes for a big doll LOL! I do not consider her to be in scale in any way with my other dolls (one minifee, one Pukifee, and many YoSD sized dolls), so I can imagine her whatever age I want!
      Any suggestions for clothing sources?