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Doll Betrayal

Nov 11, 2018

    1. Have any of your dolls done a full 180 from what you originally had planned for them? Rebelled against the look you had in mind?

      My Tiny Delf Hansel was planned as a well-dressed little elf lady, but it turns out that he does a lot better as a helpful little fairy boy who wears comfy, casual clothes.
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    2. My dolls rarely end up with the look I had in mind for them, and sometimes not even the character. >.>;; They seem to have a mind of their own (I mean this humorously, not literally).
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    3. YES! I know the feeling. I even draw the characters first, like how I picture them in my mind. Once I get the doll, they're nothing like the drawing or the character in my head. They become a character all their own.
      (This has happened to me more than once) ^^
    4. Oh good grief,yes! I haven't had a bjd yet who didn't give me attitude, lol. They're like, no no lady, you got it all wrong!
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    5. This happens often to me, it is why some of my dolls are still naked!
    6. Yes, it has happened to me too, several times.
      My one and only Vito boy was supossed to be kinda grumpy and serious but ended up being the fun older brother who is always messing with you. I like the change though.
      Now my main girl is also undergoing such a transition. She happened to be the quiet calm girl but since I tried glasses on her she is revealing as a much more lively person, ready to try things and so.
      I think the only one that stayed within the character I had for her was the little one xD
    7. I totally have! I had bought an iplehouse soo who I had planned to be the sister of my main character then when I got her it didn't sit right. She was telling me things that didn't fit the sister character at all. And thus she made me recognise a character that I hadn't even considered. She showed me who she truly wanted to be and after a good while with her the character had evolved so much I even needed another doll to represent her and thus I sold my Soo. So not at all what I had planned... haha
    8. Ah, well, indeed. Several times. My Leeke Lionel was my first doll, and I purely bought his head because I liked the sculpt, with no certain character in mind. I wanted to turn him into an angel. Then he told me that his name was Loki. Okay...but not the Loki we know from the Marvel movies. He is from another universe, kind-hearted and playful. Likes to play little pranks on his friends, but never meaning harm. But he can fight like a lion for them.

      But I also had it the other way round. My Impldoll Nicolas was precisely the opposite. No messing around with him. He told me that he wants to come to me and that he is a phoenix, his dad is Dr. Steven Strange (he wanted his dad to fight alongside him - so yes, a second Impl Nicolas). He simply gets everything he requests - and he needs a lot.

      But you get used to it. To the ones who are very quiet, and also the more communicative characters.
    9. Every last one of them, to some extent. Jo hid her true identity from me for several years, others "only" scrambled plans for wigs / eyes or style, but not a single doll came out the exact way I had planned.
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    10. Violetta and Cerise never had characters but they evolved into my feeple60 Irene's kids. Nothing I plan stays.
    11. I can definitely relate to this! The male sculpts tend to be the more problematic ones for me. I usually plan out the appearances of my dolls before they arrive so I can complete them as soon as possible. Once they do arrive, I often realize the image I have in mind is not the best for the sculpt. Quite a few of my guys are on hold for now because of this. It always keeps me wondering about how many more times it will happen in the future. *_* I do feel like I will amass a great fortune of wigs by the time I am fully satisfied with my collection. :lol:
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    12. Definitely! I originally got my first doll for a more tough character, but when I got her, her face sculpt was so cute I ended up changing her to a more chill character.
    13. 'Pretty sure most of us have had that happen at some point... :lol:

      Sometimes a doll just doesn't work out quite the way you intended. There are all kinds of reasons for that, but I've found it best to simply "accept and adapt" in those situations. Trying to force the point never seems to work out as well as just going back to the drawing board and tinkering around with the sculpt to find what DOES work best for it. You can end up with some really interesting results, even if they aren't exactly what you originally had in mind.
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    14. It's rare for me. I have had it happen with bodies. A body will arrive and suddenly it suits another character better than the one I had planned for it.

      I've had a couple who were difficult to get wigs and eyes for, but they kept the same general look, it was just the wigs and eyes weren't quite right, and I needed them to be just so.
    15. I tried to force a lot of looks and characters that didn't fit the dolls. I've decided to quit trying to shell characters and just go with whatever evolves from the doll. The doll in my avatar used to be based on an OC,and had red hair and green eyes. I found the perfect wig,the perfect shade of green eyes,and styled her to look exactly like the character. It was a pretty doll,but that's all it was. She didn't really come to life for me until I gave her a new look that suited the sculpt. Now it's like she has a personality,and an original character is starting to develop from this.
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    16. It has happened with every doll I’ve brought home. This has been my biggest frustration in the hobby, and I’ve finally learned to just keep trying eyes, wigs, and outfits until the doll looks good. No set characters, I let them develop on their own. My most recent bjd has been a fullset and I think that is the way I need to go. Everything complete and looks great, so easy.
    17. Every, single time.

      Vala evolved past what she initially was, several character redesigns and even her doll self changed styles in terms of clothes to now I can look at her and go: "Yep. She's my protagonist."

      The Zamora's all had several character changes from when I first initially brought them home, except for Gene who was to finish their little family.

      Kazumi was supposed to be a ballerina and a lolita wearing girly girl... Now she's a gothic modern witch who doesn't take crap from anyone. Likes her girly clothes on occassion but if it's black, she's wearing it.

      Noah was supposed to be a shy, nervous little thing who had a strange power to bring her paintings to life - Nope. College student, who doesn't know what to do with the fact her roommates is a family of elves and she's only learning to use magic to adapt.

      The Tinies... They're just fae. They're all fae.
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    18. Probably most noteable was my Pixydoll Mano I used to have. I wanted her to be a silver haired girl, similar to the company photo, with a dark face up who wore kinda goth-y clothing. That doll just did not want to work out that way and ended up as a blonde boy who looked best in muted pastels :lol:
    19. No, actually. I think part of it is probably that I pick out characters for sculpts rather than the other way round. Everyone has matched up pretty well so far. So far...
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    20. Yes.

      Amir was my first and biggest change. I planned for him to be a shy, awkward Sephiroth inspired goth. He turned into a bleach blond artist with attitude.

      Parker was supposed to be shy, sweet, innocent, well behaved....he turned into an opinionated, outgoing, spotlight stealing pop star with an ego.

      Kier's head was an entirely different character at first. I got the sculpt to be a different character, didn't bond at all. When I was looking for sculpts to be Kier and not finding any that fit quite right, I looked at the head I already had for the other guy and realized he was absolutely perfect!