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Doll carry case?

Aug 26, 2009

    1. I'm looking for a BJD carry case that is suitable size for a mini size (44cm). I can't seem to find any affordable ones, let alone any in the U.S. (from another place, the shipping ends up costing more than actual case haha :| ) so please please help me out, much appreciated :D

      I'm looking for a case that is sturdy enough for taking a doll to meets, a nice and secure one~
    2. im looking for the same, but i want one that can fit 2 MFNs and a tiny or 2 XD
    3. I see the doll peddler has some, here is the MSD size one and I also saw an SD sized one there.

      You can also make a doll case out of an old instrument case, which has the advantage of being hard for better protection. I'd like to get something too, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with anything that isn't hard shell because I tend to take my dolls (so far) on camping trips of all things, and want them safe when I pack up the car :D
    4. bumping for more suggestion~
    5. I bought (one of) mine from Coolcat, through a group order so the shipping wasn't horrible (the other is what my Dolkot boy came in from the factory). I asked the GO organizer to check ahead of time and make sure the whole groups shipping wasn't going to go up ridiculously because of it, though. Dollmore ships free over $800, and I think some group orders have gotten two carriers to fit in the one box for that, so that may be something to look into. Some laptop bags may work. For many dolls, I've seen people use rolling sewing machine cases or scrapbooking totes. I'm considering a scrapbooking tote myself.

      I've fit as many as 3 minis in the Coolcat bag and 2 in the Dolkot one, with room for a couple other little things (you could fit a couple Pukis in with them, probably).
    6. thanks so much for all your suggestions! very helpful! I'll do some adjustments on the ol' laptop case~
    7. Air travel? Looking for a carrier for my mini that would handle air travel.
    8. what exactly do you mean by that? if you're planning on bringing them as a carry-on I recommend something with good padding, buckles and straps, and also bubble wrap the dolls hands and use a face up mask. I wouldn't recommend checking them. My doll carry bag is from Dream of Doll and I like that it has a secret inside pocket and buckles and little feet to protect the bag.
    9. No, just for going to like..meets and such. I'm using this big shoe box to hold her at school *only did once, scary!* and holding the box as carefully as possible. I'm scared to bring her in that box again, though, even if there's a pillow and face cover.
    10. Really just for meets and stuff a large purse and some cushiony wrappings are probably enough. She's not a mini, but I carried my Resinsoul 27cm girl around Walt Disney World in my small backpack for a week, wrapped in the cushions she came in and she was fine. For air travel you'd probably need something sturdier, definitely as a carry-on. The only way I'd check a doll would be disassembled, each piece heavily bubble wrapped, wrapped in clothes and other cushiony things, and in a sturdy hard-sided suitcase. That'd be a last resort, though. I've SEEN checked bags thrown up into a plane, tossed willy-nilly onto baggage carrousels, piled in heaps in a dumpster-style container, fall off a baggage cart behind the wheel of the biggest plane at the (Atlanta!) airport and left there for an hour at least as many carts and vehicles drove around it (never saw if anyone ever picked it up before the plane backed away from the gate)... and I've not really traveled that much.
    11. :O oh GOD. I'll be sure to use massive wads of cushioning and bubble wrap if ever I take her through air. Sounds scary...! Can't blame the air port staff for trying to get the job done..
    12. Just take her in your carry on. It's with you all the time. They only do stuff like that with CHECKED luggage. But make sure your carry-on bag is actually carry-on size and weight for all the airlines you'll be using so you don't end up having to gate-check it.
    13. I carried Nagi to Europe and back just wrapped up in my messenger bag... but after that trip I ordered a real doll carrier from Dollmore. Yes, it was a little expensive, but then so are the dolls and I'd rather spend a little more to keep them safe when traveling on a plane. In the bag (MSD size) I can fit all three of my 1/4 boys and a tiny, with space for one more boy (no that doesn't mean you are getting another friend right away!). I can't buckle the straps, but they are each wrapped individually and with so many in there, they aren't moving anyway.

      To go to meets, I have a beautiful Amish-made basket they can all sit in. It is deep enough that they can't fall out and I can drape a piece of fabric over the handle as a sun shield if needed.
    14. I think when I get my head outta my... well anyway, and I have a few bucks for flexibility, I'm gonna look at what's available at the mall. I think, for my minis and tinies) a large sturdy hand bag might do the job. I could partition it off at home, and make sleeping bags or wraps for the dolls. Of course, it may not work if it crunches the outfits..... so I'll have to continue to think about this, LOL. I think the fancy carry bags are roomy enough not to crush and wrinkle pretty dresses...
    15. Oh my gosh I did not realize this post was from 2009... I'm on Tapatalk(I've never used it before) and I just assumed everything in my feed was recent... That's embarrassing....

      I have a Protec Flute case that fits my DC Bella, She's about 43cm tall and fits pretty snugly in there, so you may be able to get a 44cm doll in there.
      It is an instrument case, although technically it's an instrument case case, so it isn't hard but it has a lot of padding. Mine has survived years of being toted back and forth with about 15 pounds of music gear in it, so it's definitely a quality case.
      It also has lots of other pockets you can use for clothes, shoes, and accessories.
      The outside is water proof and has hand and shoulder straps for carrying, and it snaps shut with one of those squeezy belt clip things that can be adjusted for security, so it's probably just as good as any MSD sized case and it costs about $30. Here's a link.
      You could probably find one with better shipping prices on amazon or ebay, just make sure it's the "metro" style case because I don't think a doll would fit into any of the hard shell cases they make.
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    16. i went to goodwill and bought a cheap bag and was gonna make some pillows and stuff to hold dollies.
      Have you checked ebay? I've seen a msd size carrier for $33 free shipping, but only holds one doll.
    17. bump bump