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Doll Carrying Bags...Buy or Make or Convert!

Jun 10, 2007

    1. I was wondering what everyone does to carry their dolls?

      Did you buy a bag? If you did, what bag did you buy? How do you like it? What don't you like about it? How many dolls does it hold?

      Did you make a bag to carry your dolls? Can you share with us what you did?

      I have converted two bags so far to become doll bags! My first bag is a converted diaper bag (oh the horror!) - but it is cool trendy looking bag AND it already had padding built in AND it had loads of pockets! What more could I ask? And it held my first doll perfectly - with room to spare for my smaller Obitsu dolls. I covered over the "baby-esque" name plate with a cute dog themed metal plate for scrapbooking!

      My second bag - a work in progress - is actually a duffle to carry 3 bowling balls! it was the right height to put a 60cm doll in to. It is sturdy, durable, padded and has wheels! AND it came with interior padding that could be removed for the 3 balls. I have taken this padding apart and used it to pad the bottom of the bag more. It conveniently also had straps which I have been able to incorporate to strap the dolls in.

      I've also decided to make padded doll bags - sort of like a super sleeping bag for each doll. They slide in, the top flap comes down over their face to protect it & then I can put them in the bag! The interior is made of of a slippery material so the dolls easily slide in & out. The flap is velcro'd so tha t one doesn't have to put an pressure to close the doll in.

      What are your ideas??? Share!
    2. I don't have any bags yet, but I think the DOC Kirill I have coming is supposed to come with one. Your padded doll bags sound neat though! I'd be afriad to put a doll into a bag without padding.
    3. I started a pattern for one for my SD16, but haven't tried to cut it out. I have to figure out how to pad it and line it. It takes piecing together for letter-size paper printing, but I will have to create a pdf file that I can post for people who just want a pattern to take off and run with. I figure an upholstery fabric and either piping on the seams, or topstitching, to give some support. And it might take two zippers that meet in the middle to get the right length. Right now, I hadn't planned to put in much padding but have the "sleeping bag" my doll came with to fit inside for the padding.

      I'd love to hear more ideas! I have to say my impromptu bagging leaves a lot to be desired on such a large doll! LOL.

      Pam in DC (currently in Manhattan for Dollpa NY!)
    4. I bought my first carrier from Luts. It was the smaller sized one and it could fit two dolls with a whole lot of cramming and effort. I really didn't like it much and I've recently sold it to someone who has said that they love it.

      I now have a double carrier from Dollmore. It's the Goth black one with the amazing, checkered lining. I love it! There's a lot of pockets and space, and it would even make a great travel bag for a human! I'm not sure how comfortably my guys will fit into it yet because I haven't tried it out. But, the bag certainly gets points for quality and appearance.
    5. :3 i have one bag right now ( bought in a mall in asia), msd size, meant for 1 ^^", black and white checkered, i love it, but >< its flimsy soooooo not the best protection for a bjd o and its not leave much extra room. i want one from dollmore the msd ones look so nice, wither the pink or the ivory one i want... and they seem like they work well
    6. I bought the larger delf bag. It has several pockets, one of them being long enough to hold a stringing tool. I managed to fit my delf with both of her pillows and my Catsy inside her box into it. I can see fitting SD two dolls in there as long as you dont used all the pillows.

      It's well constructed and I love all the adjustable straps inside to hold the doll in place. The only flaw it there is a zipper pocket that could in theory come close to your doll's face, thought that can be advoided by using pillows or a face bubble. You could also trun the doll around if he or she would not mind being upside down if you sent the bag down upright on the little rubber feet located on one of the bag's ends.
    7. I bought a sportsbag and use that as a carrier for all my dolls.
    8. I have a huge Hound sized bag for my 2 dorries, and could probably fit another in there if I wanted.

      It's very helpful to have bag designed for these dolls, because of the straps that keep them in tight!
    9. my happydoll mini sized bag fits all 3 of my minis comfortably. I even have room for clothes/extra padding. I don't use any other bag ^.^
    10. I don't have one yet, but they have a nice selection at DM for all size dolls.
    11. people use violin cases all the time, it seems like a good idea, though personally, i'll have no reason to put my doll in a bag so i do not need one ^.^
    12. Does anybody know if the Dollmore Coffin bags are very sturdy? They look so flimsy in the pictures, but I'm dying to have one! ANy opinios are greatly appreciated!
    13. i have two dod bags, but no longer use them. they are somewhere.

      i do however now use the dollshe bag i bought. i hav eused beach bags before
    14. I use a Tokidoki LeSportSac bag XD It's the Stellina bag and I could comfortably fit two MSDs (sitting) and a tiny in there, plus a floating head and two pillows for padding. (and my DS Lite & iPod :D) Granted it's waaay more expensive than a regular bag, but it's a bag I have lying around anyway, so why not just use it?

      My other Tokidoki bag.. it's a Bella, and fits my tiny + wallet & cellphone no problem XD

      For my SD I have the Volks SD carrier, and it's very sturdy, just not very practical-- it's huge and I feel weird carrying it anywhere cept the airport :lol: It can fit my SD, two pillows, and some clothes in there no problem. If you take out one pillow you can probably cram two SDs in there. :)

      I do want a Tokidoki Luna bag to carry him around in instead though XD fashionable doll carriers ftw :D
    15. I have a total of three bags. LOL One is converted, one is hand-made, and the other is purchased. ;)

      I first, tried making a bag after examining the construction of someone's BJD bag from Iplehouse. NEVER AGAIN will i do this. Such a pain in the ARSE!

      The converted bag is a pet carrier bag that i found at Ross. It is Arachne's official bag for her when she is cosplaying Wonder Woman, because it is a Wonder Woman Pet bag, with her logo emblazoned across the side. :)

      The other one is the new bag i got with my Senior Delf. I paid for the bag. It is a god-send!
    16. I've got a DOD bag for my minis, a Volks bag coming for the bigger dolls and I'm saving up for one of the Dollmore double carriers. So far so good!

      I did try to make a carry bag, but it went... horribly wrong. And that's a mild understatement >.< So for now the big girls and boys go in a tote bag with some pillows. Apparantly hooded baby blankets are great for wrapping your dolls up with when you're going travelling, I haven't tried it yet but it sounds handy!
    17. I have a carrier, but I don't really like it because I always smack people with it by accident since it's long and I'm kind of small.

      I prefer to use my Domuya bunny bag (like the padded sleeping bag thing you mentioned) which I put my SD boy in, then I curl him up and place him in one of my tote bags. The only bad thing is there's no real space for anything else, though clothes and shoes can be stuffed in, sometimes they get a bit squashed.

      If I had two body bags (I'm going to try my hand at making one), I'm pretty sure I'd be able to fit two SDs into my tote bags even. I like carrying big bags.
    18. We have 2 bags that came with dolls now. Sometimes we use a soft sided large cooler, but the best conversion is my husband's tripod bag! It will hold 2 large dolls and padding and has great handles and a shoulder strap!
    19. I have a Custom House cream doll bag. It can hold an SD-sized doll and a smaller sized one (mini or tiny) comfortably. I use a large doll pillow on the bottom and put a smaller one on the top. ^^

      I wish the strap was more comfortable and that it was slightly lighter (it is made of faux leather).

      Other than that, I really like it -- it looks nice and has a bunch of pockets on the side!
    20. honeyedbiscuit, I just had to say I love your avatar :)