Event Doll-Chateau 2017 Spring Event!

Jan 22, 2017

    1. Doll-Chateau 2017 Spring Event is coming!

      Ordering time:20th-Jan-2017 to 26th-Mar-2017
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. Is the 1/3 male four-legged body going to be a limited item?
    3. Does that mean that IF I place an order for over $800 I can have Larry AND a $200 coupon?
    4. "3. Buyer cannot participate to event 1 [Larry] and event 2 [coupon] at the same time."
    5. Interesting, the way I read it, the coupon is event 4... so I'd be curious to know as well.
    6. I'd be interested in some clarification on the same. That was my understanding the first time I read it as well, though. I was pretty hyped about it, so I'm expecting I misinterpreted it. Similarly I was wondering if the event would be up for layaway on sites likes MoC?
    7. I second this question, I'd love to go through MoC and use their layaway services if possible.
    8. Eland, my point exactly. I am reading that coupon is event 4. And is says nothing that event 4 cannot be combined with any other events.