Doll Chateau - Adult Dolls - Part 2

Feb 21, 2015

    1. Yay new thread!
      Thaddeus says welcome to my world. Even if he is a hybrid (5Stardoll Dark) he is dang proud of his DC Dolores body.
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    2. Has anybody brought home an A-body-04-1 :aheartbea ? The one with the 'wings'?
      How does it pose?
    3. Well here is my girl Liv - just for some girl power on this thread ;) She is a bit of a in-between-thread girl, as her head is Adult and her body is the Youth-04.

      [​IMG][/URL]Liv by dollfanz, on Flickr[/IMG]
    4. dollfanz-love your Liv! She is super pretty!
    5. Thank you very much trayola :D
    6. Liv is very pretty. :aheartbea I do wish I had been able to get the Adult girls before they were discontinued. I liked the body and its shape quite a bit. I like the new body too, but the older bodies had a nice shape and the discontinued faces were lovely as well.

      Some new Bait spam. I added sparkles, because hey, I paid for that app and sometimes I just need sparkles. There's some sort of magic happening here.
      Bait and Soupa by omgpandy, on Flickr
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    7. Welp, since all our DC adult girls seem to be hybrids... here's Jolene
      Shy Girl
      She's also in the latest photostory
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    8. Thank you Pandy :)
      Ohhh I love this photo (with sparkles) of Bait. He is amazing!
    9. Love the sparkles [MENTION=35302]Pandy[/MENTION], they do look magical together.
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    10. [​IMG]

      My doll chateau Austin which I know is not meant to be in this particular topic but that's because he's with my doll chateau girl Christina named Maudie who I intend to have as a male >< there modeling there new dollmore merchandise and Jupiter took up smoking it seems gah I can't believe it >< I love do but I can't for the life of me fine shoes for them ><

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    11. Thanks guys. :aheartbea

      Aw man, Jolene is lovely! Man, she's got some nice style too, she's very nice.

      Umi~Pyon, you should keep an eye on those two. They look like troublemakers! XD As for shoes, yeah, I have the same problem. I thought my Dollshe boy was bad until Bait's body came along. Now I've got two boys who need giant shoes! I did notice that Dollmore has some really large boots, and until I can afford them, I do have one pair of boots from Alice's Collections that fit Bait. I'm super fortunate too that one of my boys can take the pair of shoes somewhere down the line if they don't fit. :XD:
      But are you keeping your Christina on a modded girl body in the end, or will you transition to the male body? I have a friend a couple cities over who recently got her Christina and was looking for shoes too. I need to remember to bring over my shoe collection to try them on her next time I go out there.
    12. I'm with you, I have two of the new bodies but missed the discontinuation notice and am really bummed. Olivia was one of my two finalists for first doll and I'm sad I can't get her now....I'll keep a watch on the MP....
    13. There was no discontinuation notice for the A01 body, they disconinued all the heads except Olivia and thought it was clear the body was discontinued too T...T
      At least that's what DC wrote me...

      I love this body and the Y01 too...
    14. Skimo is correct, the Olivia head can still be bought and it works very well with the Y-04 :)
    15. I know but I want one of the old ones. I like the new bodies enough for the dolls I have (Christina and Dolores) but think I would prefer the streamlined aesthetics and handling of the old ones more. I'll probably buy the Olivia head anyway but might look for a different body.

      I'm wondering, can you remove those extra joints on the Y-04? That would help and of course swap out those ginormous hands.....
    16. We took the extra joints out of my friend's Y-03 body, and the only problem we had was that the ankle balls are a little big after the extra joint is removed. They didn't really sit deep enough into the calves to generate friction, but a kip between helped greatly with that problem.
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    18. Hey lovelies! I was wondering if any of you who had multiple DC adult boys could take some body/ skin tone comparison photos? I would love you forever! <3
    19. I wish I had multiple boys. :XD: I really like Cyril's body, I just need to think what head I'd put on it. What exactly are you looking for in a comparison? Are you just looking to see the different bodies in different colors all together?