Doll Chateau bodies: A-03 vs A-04?

Jan 25, 2018

    1. I love DC's bodies, but in this case, I can't really see any difference besides some very minor height difference. Why is there two almost the same shaped body?
    2. Because DC released some bodies with neck, arm, and leg extenders. However, some people didn't use them/want them, so I think they just released a version without them.
      A-03 has these extenders and jointed toes.
      A-04 does not have the extenders and I think it has regular feet without the jointed toes, as well.

      Hope this helps!
    3. Actually, it has the leg and arm extenders, as well as the jointed toes - I have a DC Kevin which uses this body :)
    4. The 03 body has jointed toes and the long jointed neck. The 04 body has the regular neck and does not have jointed toes - I have a DC girl with 04 body and her toes are not jointed so I can confirm that. Both have the wrist and ankle joints and both have jointed knuckles on the fingers.

      If it helps, you can look at the differences on the Doll Chateau site.

      03 body:

      04 body:
    5. Just as an aside (since it's what I did with my A-03 guy-) if you want the wrist and ankle pieces and the jointed toes, but not the extended neck.... You can actually take that upper neck piece off without affecting the way heads sit on the body. Heads rest just fine on the rounded ball piece under it.
    6. First I liked the neck piece, but later I found out it makes the doll look creepy. Waay too creepy. So I will remove it :)