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Doll Chateau Kid Boys and Girls (Mini), what fits?

Sep 4, 2011

    1. I have added the term "MSD" to the title only to help with searches. I am aware it is a Volks trademarked term, but it is helpful as a keyword for people searching for DC dolls in this size range.

      I started this thread with a DC Bella in hand, and saw that it took some mixing and matching to put her wardrobe together! Her upper torso is tiny, her hips are big, and her feet are pretty small for an MSD girl. I thought I'd get a "what fits" thread started, so here it is.
      Months later, I got a DC Hugh, and due to popular demand, have added DC Kid boy to this "what fits" thread.

      Here's what my Bella wore when she first arrived:

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      first pic: Her T-shirt is yo-sd size, Harem Pants are by zolala for Unoa MSD. She's wearing thick socks from war-toys.com, and Marbled Halls ankle boots (6cm)
      second pic: tank from Groovy Girls (3 pack at your local toy store for about $7), Angel Candy-Rock Unoa 1.5 shorts, Goodreau MSD boots and leggings, Mio hoodie, Ajumapama socks, Ellowyne Wilde arm gauntlets and belt.
      third pic: shorts made for DT Elf body, Marbled Halls 16" doll shirt, Releaserain Matt O'Neill boots, HotDotz Blythe MSD stockings (small on my other MSD girls).

      Her small hands allow for many items my other MSD girls cannot slip into!

      So far, I have found the shoes that work best are:
      Goodreau MSD (16-17") shoes
      Minoruworld Junior Ai shoes
      Releaserain yo sneakers fit without socks, Kish 14" fit with socks
      Tonner "Matt O'Neill" boots

      Iplehouse JID girls have a similar foot size, so I'm hoping someone can let us know if the JID shoes work on our DC girls!

      Anything snug to the hips on Ellowyne Wilde will not work on this girl, but alot of Ellowyne tops and the harem style pants are great for her.

      Whattchya got on your Bella?

      ....Mod Notes.....

      Doll Chateau Kid (Mini) What size Eyes fit:

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    2. Love both outfits! :D Wow, yo-sd sized shirt? I'm glad I haven't bought clothes yet. Do the pants fit well @ the waist?
    3. The zozolala pants are for Unoa MSD, they are big in the waist (on Unoa as well), so they fall low on her hips, but I like the idea of playing up her body shape with low waisted pants and cropped shirts.
      All of my MSD shirts are too big, and I have never owned a yo, so I don't have many yo shirts to try on her. If anybody has yo shirts to try on your DC girl, let us know!
    4. I'm in the process of making a corset and bloomers using GraceFaeries's Rats pattern. I've reduced the Elf body corset to 80%, taken a sliver off the front above the bust and added 1/4" either side at the hip (tapering it to the waist). She's wearing the Elf body supplementary panties with no adjustment though the 7 year ones may also fit.
    5. I can wait to see your doll's wardrobe. Where do you go to get patterns? I've done a search on DoA but can never find any doll pattern clothes...
    6. There are links in the sewing section here. Otherwise try searching on ebay for bjd or dollfie pattern.
    7. Try Gracefaerie patterns at:
      She'll send PDF, so you have them right quick! I think I read on the DDE board that Grace may have gotten one of these dolls...I'll go check to make sure I'm not spreading a rumor though...lol!

      Raided my DT Elf body's drawer and found a pair of bubble shorts made for her (didn't use a pattern), they are surprisingly cute on her, fall very low on her hips, but cute! I'm thinking there's a skirt bodice pattern in one of gracefaerie's DT Elf patterns that could be used for bubble shorts.

      Here she is wearing a Tanya Style T-shirt (fits, but not snugly), and Kish Chrysalis bloomers (fits snugly) and Kish tights. I made the vest, sorry that's not available anywhere. "Fur" boots are MSD, knitted by an ebay seller and are available on ebay from time to time.
      Another Space goggles, Ellowyne necklaces are worn as belts, and again, the Ellowyne arm gauntlets that she adores.

    8. Today my Bella is wearing a Swan20 dress made for 27cm Kaye Wiggs Millie! The stockings and shoulder wrap are Swan20 for Unoa MSD. Cowboy boots are Minoruworld Junior Ai. (She's neurotic about the gloves, refuses to take them off, even though I have offered similar styles in different colors...)

    9. [​IMG]

      The skirt and sleeves are "Friends to be made" clothing (purchased on Internet) and I sewed myself the little top ^^
      And shoes are Unoa size (Ajumapama boots)!

      I hope it will help ^^
    10. Thank you so much, I'm touched :blush
      I find your girl wonderfull too, I can not wait to see new pictures of her ^^
      Yes, it's Ajumapama boots, I forgot to mention.
    11. 6/7, can't wait to see your girl!
    12. I made some super easy patterns tonight, a one piece tiny t-shirt and bloomer shorts, for DC MSD size Kid girls. The shorts and T-shirt I made from the patterns came out pretty cute, so I'll post pics tomorrow and you can pm me with your e-mail addy if you want a copy of the patterns. I have them sized properly in microsoft word, not as jpgs, so you'll have to own Microsoft Word to print them out in the right size.
      I want to do a little vest to go with the shorts and T, so hopefully I'll have time to work on that in the next few days!
    13. ok, here we go, super, super simple patterns. A tiny, one piece t-shirt and bloomers.
      I have the pattern pieces on an microsoft word doc, so if you want them, shoot me a pm with your e-mail addy.
      Next time I make them, I'll make the bloomers bigger, and add a yoke.
      I cut the fabric a bit different than the pattern on the t-shirt. I added about 1/2" to the sleeve length, cut the neckline down to make it more of a boatneck, shortened it at the hemline by about 1/2 inch, and added piping to the hemline.
      Please keep in mind, the fabric you use for the t-shirt may give you a different look, depending on the amount of lycra in your fabric. The stockings are made from the free MSD stockings pattern on Adams Harris patterns website.

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    14. Wally: you have made the shoes too? They are great!
    15. Has anyone tried any minifee clothing on their girl? Wally need more photos of your girl. I am having withdrawls
    16. lol! I'm working on it! She's wearing a really cute outfit right now, put together very inexpensively, just haven't had a second to take photos!
      I think minifee is really close to Unoa, and most of my Unoa bottoms work, the tops are too big. Bottoms that are form fitting on my Unoa's, such as Mio jeans and straight skirts, are too tight in the hips. Things that fit my Unoa's at the waist, drop down on bella's hips.
    17. Do you find the pants on the short side? Everything I have bottom-wise that can fit Bella's hips are about half an inch too short, so it always looks like she's wearing capris :)

      Any recs for pants or jeans?
    18. agreed, every pair of pants I have tried are capri's. I like her best in shorts, to show off her wide hips and skinny legs, so I haven't tried many pants, but her legs are much longer than any of my MSD's, so I'm sure I have nothing here that wouldn't be too short. There are a couple of Ellowyne Wilde "harem" type pants that are available on ebay right now that fit pretty cute. Still short, but a nice shape for her body. If you search for "Ellowyne Ennui" yellow or pink pants, you'll find them. The yellow "ennui" vest fits her perfectly as well. The Wilde website had a nice sale recently, so there are alot of resellers listing the pants, but it won't last long, so if you're reading this post much later than the date it was posted, they may be long gone.
    19. I don't have a decent pic of my Bella's clothes yet because it was rainy and dark when I got around to taking photos today DX But here she is:


      Her BEAUTIFUL dress was sewn by PinkCow, she did a very good job on it! I highly recommend her for clothes for these beauties. The wig is Leekeworld Miranda 6/7 and her eyes are size 12 from Ersa Flora.
    20. bumping this up! anybody try putting skinny jeans/pants made for boys on their girls?