Doll Chateau Kid Dolls Discussion: Part 9

Sep 25, 2019

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    2. [​IMG]

      He's here! Taffy made it home safely!

      Bonus black blob shape chilling in the background is my dog-son Toki.
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    3. He's so cute!! :) I love the delicate hands and flowing tail.
    4. Right? His hands are so nice. The tail is super cool but I prefer a brushable tail like a my little pony so I'm gonna make him a tail out of the same hair I got for his wig.
    5. I was cleaning out all my BJD stuff from storage trying to find one doll. To my surprise I had completely forgotten about getting a conjoined body right before it was discontinued and never got around to using it. Sadly it doesn't seem that age goes well with DC doll resin. they were once white and never seen the sun. But to my delight they actually might be able to have a use since they have that special hip cut off point due to the body type which was exactly what i been pondering over for the last couple days for a different doll idea. It stands rather well even though the feet put up a fight. Nice balance :D

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    6. @Pooki - Mmm DZ/DC white resin yellows if you just think about it. Fickle stuff, but I have no doubt you'll make it work. :)
    7. Yeah XD I have a couple Dollzone boys too. Not as bad yellowing but still yellow. Nothing like what the conjoined body has gotten. I'm actually pretty excited for the plan I have for the body. Just gotta figure out if I'm doing one solid body or a conjoined body of sorts and start getting the things to work on it.

      Hopefully I'll be in here more often when progress is made \o/
    8. Man, now that's a blast from the past. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the body.
    9. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had pictures of Alan with the default human faceup? (Or pictures of Alan in general tbh, I just love him.) I'm thinking of ordering the human head with the elf body.
    10. Does anyone have suggestions as to where I can find shoes for my Bella? It seem all the kinds recommended in the "what fits" thread are no longer made. I am hoping to find some black flats or ballet style shoes.
    11. Wow, I forgot how much I wanted one of these bodies until just now ;-; Still on the ultimate grail list, they're just so graceful and unique :D Can't wait to see what you do with them :)
    12. I haven't had much luck finding shoes that are flat that look proportional to the DC body except for the DC made pointy-toed flat. These are a bit tight on the K01 foot, but I was able to get them on without much problem. The toe box of the shoe is definitely narrow -- like human shoes lol. I will get a K07 body in the near future (the shoes were made for that foot), so I can compare sizes later.

      If you are looking for heels, Tonner 22" American Model shoes fit the K01 really well, but there isn't a flat option. Even though the feet aren't heeled, I was still able to get my K01 body to stand in them without much fuss! he-meife on eBay sells these shoes.
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    13. Thank you so much! I did not realize DC themselves still sold shoes. I thought I heard that they were discontinued. And knowing the Tonner shoes work helps out as well!
    14. You're welcome!

      The DC shoes take F O R E V E R, though. -___- Almost as long as a doll (although not a doll by them lol), which is semi comical. It took them about 3 months to make, uggggggh.
    15. Lol! Thanks for the warning. It is however kind of fun when you forget about things and then suddenly they show up!
      And I noticed that the pointy shoes do not say they will fit the k-01, so I would never have thought to try them. Thank you again!
    16. Glad to see another lover of the body! I'm still debating on how to go about the modification i'm planning. I really want more dolls like their bodies with the hip area that could be jointed but all are solid. the only ones with such a hip is the conjoined body which they discontinued. I'm thinking getting newer bodies and going from there to preserve the conjoined body so again its very much up in the air about what i am going to do with the body. they prob could match yellow skin now with how yellowy it is.
    17. Does anyone have an opinion on which they like better for posing - the K-11 or K-07 body? It looks like it's the same but without the extra neck piece, and I'm curious if having that piece just makes it a little more fun and versatile, or if it's really just aesthetics. Thanks so much! I've loved DC for their unique sculpts and kind of want an Elizabeth head, so was just looking at which bodies appeal to me most. :whee: And the green skin....omg.....*drool*
    18. Elizabeth was discontinued, but hopefully you can find a head on the secondary market!

      I don't have those bodies, but I do have the K-05, which is the K-01 with the extra neck joint. It's aesthetic. The doll should still be strung tight due to how much space is there. :)
    19. Thanks for your reply!! I kind of like it without the extra neck joint. Oh, I thought it looked like the head alone was still available but their site does kind of confuse me! I preordered a Rapp1993 Anie/Mae so it wouldn't be something I'm jumpin' on anyway for now haha!
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