Doll Chateau Margarita and Y-Body-6

Oct 14, 2016

    1. I have never seen this body or doll before on DC but let me tell you it's one of the most gorgeous sculpts I have ever seen. Somehow though, it doesn't fit in with DC because of how realistic it is.

      Here is the link to the body. Let me know what you think!
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    2. Glorious x_x I don't like DC extra joints but I love that body... I'd love a stacey head on that
    3. Oh my goodness, I love her! Mint on Card has some pictures of her fullset and she's GORGEOUS! You've got me thinking I need her now :lol:
    4. Isn't it so beautiful and detailed? I mean, I know DC is great with detail but for some reason I feel they have a new artist. This just like is gliding away from normal DC girls and boys.
    5. I felt the same way. After browsing, and searching for a twin brother for my little DC girl, I found her and I'm so smitten! Such realistic proportions and her body seems so versatile, the same with many DC bodies
    6. The more I look at her the more I'm falling for her. The details in her body are INSANE without striking me as hyper realistic like some companies go for, she's like a perfectly detailed fantasy sculpt. I think I'd just cover her in a sheer piece of cloth to show her details underneath, because I'd want to show them but I think fabrics would drape beautifully on her. I'd also DIE to see what Citron Rouge would do with her, talk about a match made in customization heaven (imo) lol!
    7. Haha I feel I'd give her some undies and be like "you're done, move on". She's just so gorgeous goodness~
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    8. Yes, that body needs to be shown without clothes. There are not that many sculpts out there that I would say that about either. I admit I initially thought her head sculpt was a little boring, but it is growing on me. I think with the right face-up the combination will be stellar.
    9. Hope to see someone on DoA actually buy her and do wonders! Kinda putting her on my list, but honestly don't know what character I would make of her.
    10. I agree. I would love to have her and she is on my want list, but there is a another doll above her on the list. At that price point, I may have to wait to get her secondhand. I really would love to see her with other SD13 or 16 size dolls to see how she blends first before I purchase her.
    11. I'd really love to see her as a recreation of a model from Alexander McQueen's "Plato's Atlantis" runway show and collection. I think she'd be stellar with the forked beehive hairdo and one of the dresses with the Armadillo boots. Just Google "Alexander McQueen Plato's Atlantis" if you don't know what I'm referring to!
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    12. Yesterday I bought Margarita fullset! Didn't like her jointed wrists at first either, but the rest is just that beautiful that I had to order her. I hope she will be as beautiful as the pictures picture her!
    13. Omg keep us posted!!
    14. I will post a lot of pictures for sure!
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    15. I'm thinking of getting her after I finish a layaway I'm paying off on a second hand doll. I love her body and I have so many ideas for what to do for her clothing wise and face up wise.
    16. The new Y06 body is definitely a step into a different direction style wise for DC, but I most certainly approve! I'm tempted to order the body, but I have to say the Margarita head is stunning in itself.
    17. Oh my gosh she is so gorgeous ^.^ the only thing I'm a little disappointed with is that she doesn't come with jointed fingers, but honestly that's the only thing, she's gorgeously detailed, I'm impressed to see a doll like this from DC.
    18. Love that body but not that head and she doesn't match some of the other heads. That neck is pretty small so that makes hybriding limited.....perhaps larger MSD heads?
    19. It has been a while now, so I was wondering if anyone that got the body managed to play around with different heads a bit and saw if anything fitted. I love the body but I am really not crazy about the head
    20. I don't think anyone here received the doll, since DC takes 6 months to ship a doll...