New Doll Doll-Chateau New Doll——Lillian SP released!!

Dec 20, 2016

    1. Doll-Chateau New Doll——Lillian SP released!!
      Full-set includes:Nude doll $750, Face-up $60, Wig(gw45-045 ) $30, Outfit(YC-10) $119, Eyes(16mm).
      Full-set does not include body blushing. Body blushing $60 can be purchased separately.
      Default body is Y-body-07(new body).
      Skin color: white, pink, yellow, gray, green and tan are available. Gray, green, and tan needs more $90.
      More information from:
      Lillian sp:
      Contact us: [email protected]

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. Will she be limited?
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    3. Will the head be available separately to buy???
    4. Hi, is her head available separately without the horn?
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    5. i don't think is magnetic, the photos looks like it's attached to the head, and i believe if it was magnetic DC would say that the horn is removable. and the stock photos of the body, it could be some prototype of the head, cause it has some sightly differences other than the horn.
    6. Wow, love that head! They do not provide measurements on their site. Will she only fit the adult body? I prefer youth as my maximum size.

      Actually, I just saw she is in youth category. Still want to see the measurements.. Is it 'stupid' to put that head with the horn on the human body? I did not come to like 4-legged bodies.. not yet.
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    7. Will there be a human version of her?
    8. Her measurements are on her sales page (at the bottom)

      Height (including head):61cm
      Head size: 18.4cm
      Neck size:8 cm
      Shoulder width:8.5 cm
      Arm length:18.5cm
      Chest size:21cm
      Waist size: 14cm
      Leg length: 35cm
      Thigh size: 13.6cm
    9. Can you offer a human lower torso and feet for an additional purchase to give custormers the option to turn her into a human or a centaur at will? I think it's possible since this body seems to be based off of the Y-06

      I don't think the horn is magnetic, maybe it's a different head since the lines and blushing are both really seamless.
    10. Hi dear, she is not limited.

      Hello, Lillian's head could fit Y-body-06 body, and that body is a human version. :)
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    11. Is there a version of her head without the horn? :)
    12. Yes, you can contact Doll Chateau -or a dealer- and request to have the head cast without the horn. The price remains the same regardless of having the horn or not according to DC.