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Jun 6, 2016

    1. NOTE:
      Dear all,we begin to change the former resin into the new resin from your March’s order that we have noted before.So if you want to stay the old resin,please let us know or tell our agent~your reflection really will help us a lot!Thank you very much!
      CONTACT US:MAIL:[email protected] QQ:1225852600
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    2. do you know if the white resin will still be the same? :ablink:
    3. Will you be offering the green and grey resin which has been announced elsewhere?
    4. The colour will be the same, but if I read well their quality will be better. That means it will yellow slower. So if you want to hybrid with an older white resin it won't be an problem at first... but might be an problem later. This doll of mine is 'half year old' compared to my other boy on the right:
      Now imagine the faster yellowed head in the new type body... :sigh So if you have floating heads, or bodies without head I guess it is better to complete now.
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    5. I apologize but I'm a little confused... so orders that were made from March onward was created using the new resin?
    6. dear,the white skin nearly hasn't colour aberration,so don't worry!

      dear, March ,April,May and June's and future orders will be the new resin.

      dear,we have anounnced the new skin--tan & grey servral days ago.~~~~

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    7. will this resin resist the UV than the previous?
      I'm now considering between the pink and the white :(
    8. You seem to be a company on the forefront of innovation, not just in design, but in product quality. Do you see a time when yellowing of resin will not be a problem? Ever or so slowly that it will be negligible?
    9. Dear,generally, you'd better prevant your dealing dolls from facing light directly~but the new resin is more stable than before

      Dear,thanks for your compliment,and we have researched the topic for many years, so that we release the new resin because it become yellow slowly than before.
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    10. The old normal yellow skin, was always a little bit darker, as the volks normal skin. Will it stay as it is colorwise, or will it get lighter to match the volks normal skin tone? I am just talking about the colour, not the quality. I am happy about the improved quality. I tried to talk about this to dollzone as well, but none of their email addresses is working sadly. I wanted to order a body from them for my elder dollzone normal yellow head. But no way to contact them directly.
    11. Carol Angelesque posted comparison picture on her page about old colour chart and the new one. According to the news from the dealers the new resin will match better Volks normal yellow colour. DollZone also changed their resin colours and quality.

      Personally I prefer their old normal yellow colour. Now an item missed from my package again - so I had no chance to order an body for it until the deadline (while I didn't get the head in time...) So I wonder what will happen with my doll. I really liked their normal yellow ~

    12. Thank you so much for your answer @Siwa !

      That are sad news for me as well. Not so sad, because my head has already a matching body, but I wanted to give her a new and more poseable body. My dollzone Aimi, named Mimi is on a Resinsoul May body in special ordered custom colour. I like her body, but I wish it wouldn't be so mature and more poseable. Years ago, I decided against the dollzone body for her, because I didn't like the shape and those super long necks. So the resinsoul body was the better and more aesthetic alternative. She is still so cute on it!!

      But now I would love to have Mimi on their 27cm body with angels wings(B27-003), even if she would look slightly bobble headed! <3

      Sadly, I found out to late about their resin change as well.
    13. dear,our new yellow skin is lighter than the old one.
      compare to the volk's yellow skin,we still darker than it.But, there only a little color aberration between the volk's yellow skin and our new yellow skin.:whee:

      of course,if you cannot contact them,I can express your need.

      but dear,sorry to tell you that the we don't accpet the old resin now,maybe you can place a whole doll~:sweat
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