Update Doll-Chateau:TAN&GREY SKIN

Jun 2, 2016

    1. Firstly,we want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.Thanks for your support!We kown many people like the tan and grey skin,so that we begin to sell tan &gery skin.they are really amazing!!!
      Here is the picture of six skin!!!
      If you want to learn more,please click here: http://www.doll-chateau.com
      CONTACT US:MAIL:[email protected] QQ:1225852600
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    2. Are these three new colors available all the time now or are they limited?
    3. As far as I know those colours are not limited, so you will be able to order them later. DZ had tan skin in the past, and this is not the first time when the companies change their colours. I truely wish if they would do it again, or discontinue an colour they will let us know in time :P
    4. Is the price increase for the Grey and Tan colours only?
      I am interested in the Green colour and, on your website, it looks like you can order it without any price increase. I just want to make sure. Is the price increase for the Green colour as well? :sweat
    5. I think it must be an error on their site. You can find their price list with example on the site too :atremblin
    6. Thanks Siwa. I thought it was too good to be true!
    7. The green colour will be available at no extra cost. The tan and grey should be the only colours they charge extra for. This was confirmed by DC to their UK dealer Angelesque. It just seems that dealers are being very slow to update the available options and prices on their websites (with the exception of Angelesque who is in the process of transferring to a new website).
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    8. @beatnik, Thank you for this update!:hug:.
    9. @Lilla you're welcome. Carol at Angelesque is asking Doll Chateau to clarify this officially.
    10. Weird because I found infos directly on their page o__o They should update it if the info is false on their official website o__o

      Carol Angelesque just linked this into our fan group: CLICK
      If you check for example Mint on Card they also listed the green colour option for extra fee. When they first announced the green colour as an option they said it would be an extra charge for this option. When they announced tan / grey they said green should be available for no extra cost. It seems it changes as the weather, so better to ask directly from the company. According to the information on their site green is available for extra cost, but Carol Angelesque is going to ask them. Keep your eyes on her updates!
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    11. @Lilla

      Carol Angelesue got the answer from them and shared with us on her page. Hope it helps to you Lilla :)

      i was asked over the weekend if the new green skin for Doll Chateau dolls is actually chargeable, i have checked with them this morning and YES it is
      so normal white, yellow and pink are free colours
      and green, grey and tan are now chargeable colours
      I hope this helps with decisions about future purchases"
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    12. @Siwa , raaaah! :doh I was hoping! :...(. Thanks for posting this.
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    13. I definitely remember the green being +$20 for a head, +$40 for a body, or +$60 for a whole doll. I even contacted DDE about a body in green and it's an added cost. I'm not sure where this "free green" came from.
    14. It was initially advised to Carol at Angelesque by DC, that's where this came from :)
    15. @beatnik That's very strange, since when they made the green skin announcement (before tan and grey) there was an added charge.
    16. Indeed! But it's all cleared up now. I thought it was a strange decision to announce it with a charge and then shortly after say that it's free. DC definitely confirmed these details to AE as they double checked with them that it was right. Now since checking again it is chargeable. I have no idea why this mix up happened, but at least no one is out of pocket because of it.
    17. @beatnik I'm glad it's been sorted out. Though it would've been nice to have free green skin haha. Oh well.