Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2
      News Post:

      Height:26cm(include head)
      Neck size: 5.5cm
      Shoulder width: 4cm
      Arm length: 7cm
      Breast size: 12.8cm
      Waist size: 13.8cm
      Hip size:19.2cm
      Thigh size: 10cm
      Leg length: 11cm
      Feet length:3.5cm

      Size can vary due to different body sculpts.

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      Comparison Photo: Dollmore Narsha, Littlefee, DC Baby, Iple BID:

      Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 1:!

      Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2:
      Doll Chateau Tiny Discussion Part 2
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    2. I love the pouty face, so cute!!
    3. I'm starting to wonder if DC has any plans to release new dolls in their Baby Line, most of their other sizes have been getting new models constantly, but its been years that there hasn't been any new ones in their baby line
    4. Ooh... Maybe they will release a new baby for the Christmas event? It seems almost like I want DC to take all of my money.
    5. New Thread Spam! NEw Thread Spam!

      [​IMG]We've come a long way, baby. by Estes 'n Anne, on Flickr

      Also, new thread NEWS! Quincy is pleased to tell you that these sketches were made of her in 2012. And now, two years later, she is a real live dolly and a high flying star in my latest stop motion film :) If you care to see her in action (she really insists that you must!) you can view it in the photostories subforum or directly on youtube!


      (Sits down to wait for all the new thread spam to roll in.....)
    6. My little ada (Eelu) finally has a face up after a year. she looks so enchanting that my hear melts when I look at her. I am a beginner at faceups, but i couldn't be more happy with this! So I had to share my little forest spirit with you all.

      This was inspired by minori metabolism-water-[​IMG]
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    7. Does anyone know of shoes that'll fit Ada?
    8. [​IMG]

      Pear (my Hilary) is very happy to have her Foxy after endless months of waiting for him!
    9. I just received the shipping notice for the Ada and Russell I ordered back in April! I'm so excited!
    10. I'm so excited! If everything goes according to plan, I will have an Ada in my possession very soon! :D
    11. Oooohhhhhh the new baby dolls are so pretty! Though quite tall for baby dolls. 31cm. I think the embossing is beautiful on both of them, I really look forward to seeing what owners of them will do with them :)
    12. I know! I'm trying to think of a reason to justify getting one~ They're so gorgeous with that embossing!
    13. ahh doll chateaus website never ever loads for me, same with dollzone, no matter what browser i use, it won't load. i really want to see the new BB dolls, but none of doll chateau's dealers has pictures of them.. anyone else with a problem loading the site? i've tried on chrome, IE, and aol and none will load, it's been that way for years, actually. x___x
    14. has some pictures

      i do like wanda's face and both bodies are little works of art!
    15. Oh, I really like these new little ones! I hope they also release a non-embossed version, but these are so awesome already! I really like Zora's body, 05. I like the concept of 06, but the branches look something like scars over the torso.
    16. thank you! i hope the dealers will get these dolls posted soon. i wonder if a littlefee head would fit on the body...

      EDIT: doh... dreams shattered! seems like the head and neck circumference is more like a lati/pukifee size instead, a littlefee wont work :pout:
    17. Both bodies is a little masterpiece. I like more Wanda body because of little birdies. They are sooo cute ^^
      But i dont like new heads cause its dollzone style. I know that DC its a part of DZ company but i hoping DC will find own style (like new young girls or Lance/Lydia).
    18. yes cheeseerror I think they look like dollzone heads too!
    19. Oh dear god...I am doomed. They are soo pretty. That 6 month wait is depressing tho...