Doll Chateau Youth 02

May 28, 2018

    1. Hey there! I just purchased a Doll Chateau Youth 02 body and I want to make some clothes to prepare for when he gets home. Does anyone have the measurements for their sculpt on hand?
      Angelesque (where I bought him) has some measurements on his listing but I've made the mistake before of sticking exactly to measurements from there before for my MSD and things didn't fit as well as I'd hoped..
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    2. @beatnik I totally didn't see this thread bumped and only saw when I wanted to ask a question. :P Your doll's entire aesthetic is so interesting and different! She turned out really well!

      So for the question to everyone else... I have heard many people say that DC dolls post really well, but yeah... Not feeling or seeing it. Is there something I should be looking for? Her elastic tension seems fine, but the ankle pieces just seem so floppy -- almost as if they buckle underneath the weight of the doll.

      I got her a really wonderful stand, but I would like her to be a bit more stable. Appreciate any insight/advice; thank you!

      EDIT: okay, there are apparently a few DC Youth threads floating out there...
    3. Definetly look on the DC threads