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Doll Chateau Youth Dolls Part 3

Feb 23, 2018

    1. Ok! Click on the picture to go to my Flickr and see more pictures. She is so pretty! I need to decide what I will do with her faceup now. Should I send her out or use that money to buy more dolly things? XD

      [​IMG]Doll Chateau Order 2018 by Pandy S, on Flickr

      --------- Added notes --------

      Previous discussion thread: part 2
      #1 Pandy, Feb 23, 2018
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    2. You should totally send her out!! Make her super fancy! In for a penny, in for a pound!!
      You will have to bring her over soon so I can work on a pattern for her travel blanket!
    3. She’s so beautiful o_o congratulations! Such a lovely sculpt deserves a nice faceup, but then you’ll have to start waiting all over again!
    4. Yes, that is the problem! Also the part where I pay near $100 more when all is said and done. I might need that money for some, I dunno, more resin. XD

      Ok, so, I asked the faceup artist I had been stalking about some things. I might end up sending her or another girl out in the end. I might also start seeing how those hoofsies are stuck on there, because they will need some light airbrushing!
      #4 Pandy, Feb 25, 2018
      Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
    5. She's going out! Boo hoo, all the way to Alaska for her faceup with her friend, my Elfdoll Bambu. Oh my goodness, it was so much, but the artist looks really good, so she will come back much more amazing than I could have done. I think maybe @Tonboko is rubbing off on me.

      Time to search for a temporary head. >w>
    6. do any of you guys know what enchanted-doll eye size is best for the youths? i'm particularly interested in hubery, i was thinking of getting milky 73 for mine..!
      i'd love to see pics if any of you have any~! :3
    7. @Pandy, oh she's so gorgeous! :love I hope so much to get my Lillian soon...
      But i still need to make last payment for her xD
    8. What color did you get her in? She really is a gorgeous girl. Get that money going! XD
    9. @Pandy i ordered her in normal pink and on human body :3 and with make-up
      And already making a short story for her future DoA profile xD
    10. <3 Hot diggity, I can't wait to see her. That body will be fabulous, at least the torso is. XD
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    11. hello!!! i have one doll chateau, one stacy and have questions, help me please! let me know
      measure of eyes
      measure of wings

      tell me if you do not understand, my english is very bad
    12. Oh, your English is easy to understand. The only thing that is confusing is the question about wings. As far as I know, Stacy comes on the Y-03 body, not the Y-04 body with wings. Do you want the measurement of the wings of the Y-04 body?
    13. or wigs, perhaps?
    14. Stacy wears eyes size 12(oval)-14mm, depending on the actual level of realism desired, and wig size 8.
    15. [​IMG]
      Random spam of Mel
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    16. Stop being so cute, Mel! XD Gah, I love that cute little face.
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    17. Oh wow! She is really pretty too! Did you make her corset? It looks like it fits like a glove on her. :love

      My Lilian shipped out from Komorebi this morning! I will have to snag her body back from Tonboko on Monday after work. She looks so sparkly and I hope I can get some nice photos to do her justice. <3 <3 <3
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    18. Thank you! Yes, I've made it by myself, thanks ^^~.

      Sounds exciting, congrats on getting your new doll)!
    19. It looks really well done and nice, you have some great skill! :o

      I will be trying a corset pattern for my girl, but I have been so lazy lately. Her body has been sitting with a friend while her head was out for faceup. If I take her to the meet in May, she will need something nice to wear, so I have to get my act together! D: