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Doll-Chateau's new doll of Alberta

Dec 10, 2011

    1. Hello Everyone:

      Doll Chateau is releasing our new doll of Alberta now.:)

      Alberta is a four feet girl, if you purchase the fullset or nude doll Ablerta, you can get a normal kid girl body's belly. Of course, you can take partcipate in our Christmas event if purchasing this new doll.

      The following pictures and link is about Alberta:



      Nude doll of Alberta:

      Alberta's site link:

      Hope you can like our Alberta

    2. When will she be going on sale? Will she be a limited?
    3. Will you Sell Now head without horns separately ? very nice !!!
    4. This thread is being temporarily locked while the doll is discussed for topicness. Thanks!
    5. This doll has been deemed On-topic for DoA.
    6. Hello Bubble Gum Goth:
      Alberta is not a limited girl. :D
    7. What is the price for a non fullset doll? :3 I mean, the centaur body and head with horns?
    8. It says in the information under her photos: nude Alberta is $399 C: