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Doll-chateau's Siamese twins of Debbie and Caroline Chat

Oct 24, 2011

    1. Does anyone know if any other company has maybe conjoined twin dolls before????
    2. Isn't it normally considered more polite to call such people, or models of people, Conjoined Twins?
    3. Considering the doll-makers are non-English speakers, I would imagine there is no disrespect intended. It's a common term.
    4. Thats what i thought as well however Damasquerade makes a good point about there non-english speaking.

      I think i would like this doll better if they were side to side as opposed to facing each other face two face.

    5. this doll is disgusting and they had no respect for real people that is born with this malformation.
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    6. I agree. This is a real medical condition that real people are born with. To make something like this, becuase they think it's creepy and avant-garde is really insenstive.
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    7. Alternatively, consider that other members of the hobby have made their own conjoined twin dolls from existing company parts and there may be conjoined twins who are part of the hobby who might want a doll that reflected them? Is this also disrespect?

      Consider what makes you feel this doll is disgusting. If you feel that it exploits people born with this condition then you may like to contact the company and raise your concerns with them. If you are put off this doll by its appearance then that is a stylistic difference between yourself and the company.

      Doll-Chateau dolls aren't really my thing at all, but nowhere in the sales text does it claim this doll is either creepy or avant-garde. Members have put dolls in wheelchairs, made them blind, taken off arms, scarred the resin...there are many different disabilities, some of them congenital, that have been reproduced in resin form.

      What exactly is the problem with this one? Is it that a company has produced it rather than a member joining two dolls together?
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    8. I think this doll is beautiful. The intention, I feel, was not negative in nature. This doll is in no way grotesque in design, but rather quite elegant and refined with the expressive faces, delicate fingers and the way they are posed hugging one another. I choose to interpret it as a symbol of love and about finding one's soulmate. Whether it is designed to be "twins" or "lovers" or "soulmates" is all good with me.

      No, it's not "normal" and many may find that fact disturbing, but that is their issue. I think this doll celebrates something more important than beauty and that something is love. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes perception can be adjusted to see the beauty in everything.
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    9. Maybe someone should make a post in "Dolly Debate" about this, if people are going to have such strong reactions? That would be a better place for discussion.
    10. Agreeing with others. I can see no logical reason for this reaction. Conjoined twins exist and these have been depicted in a sympatico way. Doll Chateau have chosen a rather unusual form of conjoining (omphalo-ischiopagus bipus. Pretty rare), but that avoids the stereotype of conjoined twins being side-by-side and joined at the thorax (like Chang and Eng Bunker, the orginal "Siamese twins"). Yes, I would personally have felt better if they had used the term "conjoined twins" (and perhaps someone could ask them if they would consider changing it). And I would really rather they were presented in some clothing for the lower body. At least underwear. But, other than that, I can see nothing wrong here. A brave bit of sculpting. I look forward to more depictions of the beautiful diversity of human beings. We don't all fit the same mold.
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    11. This release somehow reminded me those conjoined twins used for shows in the circus -- maybe its me being too sensitive. I like the idea of inseparable twins myself, but I can't really say this is a beautiful idea. Like elphsnt said, this may be just an artistic idea, I don't think this is an offence to the others, but, not my cup of tea anyway.
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    12. While this is not really my cup of tea I don't see anything wrong with it. A brave idea though.
      But I have seen some "selfmade" conjoined twins here on the forum and there nobody said anything.

      And the term siamese twins.. I can't see any offence in that. In german there is only the term "siamesische Zwillinge" to describe this kind of thing. So the word problem might be entirely english language based.
    13. I think these girls are gorgeous. They made both girls with a lot of care and made them beautiful. I don't find it offensive in anyway... Calling them disgusting is really hurtful. Real people are conjoined twins and I think it's really awesome that it was presented in a way that shows people and dolls are beautiful for their differences.
      I know of a handful of conjoined twins dolls on DoA and I think a lot of them are side by side, partly because it's the easiest way to go about modding dolls together. I think it's fantastic that they chose to do something different. I have to agree with the other people's comments that it looks to be an expression of love. That's what I first thought myself.
      My only thing with them is the darlings don't have any undies! I know it wouldn't be an issue for me to sew something up, but other people really don't have that option.
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    14. I think they're not shown with undies in the promos to show us how the hip jointing works and how the dolls are connected. Trousers or leggings with a wider opening at the top should fit these girls fine, I think.
    15. I was thinking something along those lines too, to show off the body. I was just thinking DC's are on the harder end of dolls to dress to start with! Maybe once there's measurements.. it will be easier to get a better idea.
    16. Disgusting? I think these girls are GORGEOUS. They seem very lovingly sculpted. I almost wish I hadn't clicked on this, because now I really want to buy them, and put off the other guys on my list. xD And the fact that the body shape is different--it forces the buyer to take greater care when buying (or commissioning, ahaa) clothes--that, or they'd have to make clothes for them special, which seems more...intimate. Generally, I'm getting more of a "sisters" vibe from this rather than "freak show." :/ But, eye of the beholder and what-have-you.

      That said, I'd REALLY love to see what these girls are capable of. :D I'm really curious about that hip joint--it seems like there might be some movement capacity in it? It'd also be fun finding their center of gravity while posing (the shot DC has of them standing--I can't even wrap my head around it!) If they're not limited (I'm... hoping not? Haven't seen any warnings, if they are..), I'll definitely have to save for them over the summer. :3 Aaaahhhh! <3
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    17. It's funny, after reading peoples reactions, I think these girls are more intriguing :3
      They didn't do much for me, but now I really look at them, their faces are So beautiful! I really feel a strong pull towards them... And I don't think I would have considered them at all if they weren't conjointed x'D So beautiful!
      I am wishing for conjoined twins my self in MSD, but my characters for that have one body with two heads... If these where like that I would not doubt one moment and buy them right away :)
      I think it's wonderful to see a doll company to think out of the box ^___^
    18. i don't usually voice my opinion, but..... i love the dolls..... they are beautifully sculpted, and i think their intent was for the diversity. i don't see anything wrong with portraying these girls in a loving way, a beautiful way... i think they chose this particular type of conjoining, for the versatility.... as you can add the standard hip piece and have the dolls as separate. it is standard to make dolls that we view as "pretty", but nothing wrong with going down a controversial road. i have seen every sort of doll here, be it cross dressing male, hermaphrodite, amputee, blind, scarred, and conjoined twins.... i personally enjoy seeing a diverse range of dolls.....but, if this deformity is "ugly" to you, then nuff said.....;)
    19. Marha: I agree! There was one time I saw a conjoined mod, as an example of commission-modding, and it was cool enough, I was intrigued, but--these girls have just knocked me off my feet. It's really weird, too, because this NEVER happens to me. I never see a doll that doesn't fit an existing character of mine and fall-in-love want it--but that's exactly what's happening now. :lol:

      Fffffffffhhss, time to start the savings jar. xD;