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Doll collection so far 2016

Sep 11, 2016

    1. In under a year I have already collected a few resin and vinyl children with plans to get a few more soon. Here is my collection so far


      Nice, I bought 2 dolls this year making my resin crew up to 3 and my ball-jointed crew up to 4. I think I'm going to end up buying 2-3 more this year.
      #1 glynjay, Sep 11, 2016
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    2. Started the year with a Kid Delf Corni, Soom Gena, and a DDH09 head, and now going into the later part of the year with the KDF and DDH09 on sale and a VMF50 and a off-topic vinyl doll. I'll probably get another of those off-topic vinyl dolls before the year ends out.
    3. 2016 has turned out to be a good dolly year to me so far :3 I have purchased 3x SD heads and 3 full dolls (2 of them MSD sized and one tiny)... oh and I purchased a body for one of my floating heads^^

      UPDATE:: The year is almost coming to an end... and 2016 has brought to me 4x full dolls + 4x floating heads... oh dear, so much for down-sizing the collection!! :doh :doh :doh
      #3 Lotte Rotten, Sep 11, 2016
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    4. 2016 has also been a good year for me. I bought a full doll, SDF Loid, and two heads, SWITCH Milhwa & Nanuri 07. I have purchased a body for my SWITCH Milwa head and considering which body to buy for Nanuro 07.

      Apart from purchasing dolls I have just sent six doll heads all the way to Canada to get new faceups. I am so excited to see them returned to me! :D
    5. This year I have been pretty conservative. My intention was to buy two VS Midi bodies for dolls that used to be SD, but that has not gone to plan. They have been hard to get hold of.

      Instead, I bought a DollZone Moon, an SIO2 Taolu head, and Akhmel Nathan.
      Hopefully I will have all three in hand before the end of the year.
    6. My plan for the year was to reshell Hailey, nothing else. But, as usual, I can't ever be content with a "finished" crew, and so I've sold off several dolls/parts, and brought home Luc, Piper, Hazle and Rose. Hailey is not yet reshelled (due to Loongsoul's waiting times), but she will be hopefully before the end of the year. I also have a Dollzone Mo BB girl in the works. This seems to be the year where I've been selling/trading off SD boys and bringing home mini and tiny girls!
    7. This year I got a DoD Too (but-but he was purchased in December 2015 so he doesn't count for this year right..? :XD:), a RS Deertaur, a KDF Kiwi, and a Simply Divine Richard head and an April Story senior body for him (my avatar)
    8. I wasn't going to buy any dolls this year as I've been saving for a trip (and the Canadian dollar sucks sooooo hard *sigh*). But... things happen.

      A friend bought me a doll as a surprise at the same time I was buying one for her as a surprise. While buying her a doll, I thought it was so cute, I bought one for myself (it was a DZ Little Bean). Then SoulDoll came out with their new souloid and his character just jumped out at me so I needed to buy him as he was a limited sale. And I saw another doll, actually the same one that idrisfynn bought, Akhmel Nathan, and NEED him. The souloid is on layaway and I'm waiting to pounce on the Nathan when he become available to purchase internationally. But that should be it. Probably.
    9. My doll collection has definitely grown this year. I also sold some floating heads and the body my Leeke Noella was using because I hated it so much that I didn't even want to play with her. So now she's a floating head. Just recently I got a Volks Rio head on the MP and body on Mandarake, I have an Atelier Momoni MSD Momoni on the way, and I have a PW Goldie on super secret layaway. I had a Goldie head, but when I saw a full doll with extra hands and the company face up in perfect condition I sold the floating head and put the full doll on layaway. I'm waiting impatiently for my Delf Ari and Ari Wink to come back from face ups! Their bodies look so sad in the doll cabinet with no heads. My doll stuff has multiplied too, lots of new clothes and shoes and I still need MOAR! I have to move at the end of February so no more dolls for awhile unless I win in the DearSD lottery. After we recover from moving, I need to replace Noella's body. I'd spend a lot less on dolls if I wasn't obsessed with sculpts that aren't available anymore, or aren't easy to get.
    10. I didn't start the year with much in the way of specific plans... But thanks to Iple discontinuing some of their sculpts this summer, I ended up with Madison and the Prince of Shadows (SID Cherie and EID Tedros) and because Sugarble did the same with their little nagas, I ended up with Nagi and Asha, my "snake babies". Randomly browsing Mandarake one afternoon landed me a very well-priced impulse buy (Tai'sun, my F-36), and looking at the marketplace here resulted in a fortunate find I'd been after for ages (Nyala, my tanned Dark Elf Soo). Earlier, I'd gotten ahold of two of my other long-standing wish-list sculpts, both the open-eyed and Romantic SDGr Okitas (Kenji and Tian). And somehow I ended up with a chibi hippogriff (Sky) from Fairyland and a honkin' big black spider (an Eve Studio Tarantula).

      A DollZone Moon (Ghost) had to be added to the crew because she was such an unusual sculpt, and Soom tempted me into buying a free-choice girl and a vampire Heliot (Shiva and Raksha), but those three are still in the "waiting" stage. I expect them before year's end, though, so they still count. ^_^

      All in all? It's been about an average year for additions to the crew.
      #10 Brightfires, Sep 12, 2016
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    11. I've been in the hobby for a little over a year, actually I think it's been a year and half. I don't really have doll "plans." I have my first girl and then about a year ago, I bought my second girl a little abs plastic AI BJD. I'm really excited about Lillycat's new Bo, and I'm thinking she'll be the next doll I want to buy.
    12. I was planning on not buying any new dolls this year...

      In January DZ had an event monkey doll, so I HAD to get one, as a monkey Bjd is super important to me. Then in April, I decided to sell Ichabod's DZ body and get him a DC one. At the end of this summer, two amazing dolls were released that just had to join the collection (DC Fiona and DF-A Hu Xiaodao). Whoa, this is getting out of control! Now I'm waiting on one more, a BishonenHouse Steve kit (Grail Doll, so yeah, a must have!). I'm dreading the Holiday releases. I have enough, please!
    13. Well, I was meant to be good this year and buy nothing. But I got encouraged into buying myself a birthday boy (Dollzone Gray presently waiting to be restrung and laying in pieces on my table at the moment), then I couldn't pass a used Feeple60 that, consequently, needed a 'better' head.
      So my collection has grown more quickly than planned.
      On the plus side, I am getting better at sewing clothes. :)
    14. I got my DIM Flowne/Mirodoll hybrid in April, so far she's been my big purchase this year. She's my first MSD and I went ahead and got her a few sets of clothes, wig, etc.. I hadn't originally planned on it, but after finding out Mirodoll matches DIM resin and they had a sale going on at the time, I decided to go for it. I'm especially glad I did that now since DIM is taking down all of their sculpts after this month. Flowne was the sculpt that got me into BJDs, so I would have been sad if I had missed out on the chance to get her.

      I don't know if I'm making any more doll purchases or not this year, I'll have to wait and see.
    15. Well I only had David Kuncci from Dollshe then last year but this year I bought an Ipelhouse HID, then I ordered Enoch from Granado, then another David K, then a one of a kind resin from Dalilia, then another bjd from Hazel Florentino a Soul Doll Vito named Haim.... Stop me already
    16. I have DEFINITELY had an eventful doll year! I had a ton of plans to switch to vinyl, but I ended up just falling back in love with resin.

      This year, I have gotten rid of my dolls I had & brought home 6 new girls & am currently paying on a layaway for #7.
    17. 2016 its been a good year for me as well... usually I could efford a doll just one at year or even one every 2 years... this year 2016 I got 2 dolls (both YOSD from Fairyland and from Luts, both with face up) and I think is good (for a poor person like me) xD
    18. I bought my first doll this year, a YOSD from Impldoll. I then bought a ResinSoul MSD, sold him, and bought a PW MSD who should be arriving soon. I bought a Little Monica SD head and now need a body for her.
    19. Between March and November of 2016 I've gone from owning one off-topic doll to owning three off-topic dolls, three on-topic dolls, two floating heads, and a large selection of clothing and supplies. Not bad for my first year as a serious BJD owner. I owe a debt of gratitude to my mother, who bought at least half of the clothing.
    20. I brought my second doll this year. I now have 1 MSD and 1 SD.