Doll Collection worth

Jun 1, 2018

    1. What is your doll collection´s worth? Only the blank dolls!
      I´m quite curious about that so let´s have fun finding out about each others dollie worth!
    2. Only the blank dolls?
      As in no clothing cost, etc? Or as in no faceup or anything (Because then I can't participate. I hate having faceup-less dolls)

      But I would assume my dolls themselves without clothing would be about 10,000 dollars. Of course this is all estimated (Because I can't put a value on unattainable limiteds, discontinued, event heads, second hands exactly)
    3. Well I mean the price of a doll sold on the website or other ways without counting faceup and bodyblushing and no clothes, as the worth of a doll itelf rises with options.
    4. If we are talking about BJD's only its 160$, since I'm quite new to the hobby.
      But if we are talking about all dolls, I have also pullips, dalls, blythes, lammilys, and a collection of Susi (brazilian's Tammy/Sindy/Fleur). The Susis are probably the ones that would be worth more since they arent fabricated anymore and I have from years 60's to 2000's ones, all original and complete (including some super rare that were made as gift for some people and not selled in stores).
    5. I had to come up with an estimate awhile back for our insurance company, and that turned out to be easier said than done... There's often a difference between purchase price, average market value and true replacement cost when you're assessing a collection. A few of mine would be tough to replace for any amount of money, for instance, just because the sculpt is rare. They weren't super-pricey when they were new, but even trying to find one now? Heaven help you. It's tough to settle on a fair value with something like that.
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    6. Their worth is probably more to me than selling them would be. :XD:

      I love older Delfs, and dolls that tend to be 10+ years old from when I started the hobby. Sure, they were probably $500-$800 new, but they're not anymore.

      I would guess my collection is "worth" maybe $3,000? That's between 10 dolls. My most "expensive" ones are newer Soom Petit gems who are $350-ish?

      Not too much considering how many I have. But they're not an investment, they are my guys. They have to stay with me forever. :evilplot:
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    7. Um... probably around 2 grand or so
    8. If I did my math right, my current collect that is on-topic for DoA cost me $6179. That's for 14 SD sized dolls, one MSD, three YoSD/tiny and one head. This is strictly what I paid for the dolls themselves, not counting shipping, clothes, wigs, eyes, accessories, faceup supplies or anything else. JUST the dolls. (Because I've easily spent much more on accessorizing than resin alone.) As to what they're actually worth--that's hard to say. I have some who are sold out or from defunct companies, so their value really just comes down to what somebody would be willing to pay for one secondhand, whether that be pennies or a fortune. I've bought most secondhand or during events, so I'd say the original retail value of my crew is significantly higher than what I paid.
    9. I bought my blank doll during the event, so it was a bit cheaper. It was cost about 500 $. But with clothes, wigs and painting it already went over 1300 $.
    10. Sadly for me bjds decreases its value over time compare to some other dolls that I collect like Blythes.
      I used to have a brand new Iplehouse Rex that cost me over $1000+ but 2 years later I sold him due to lost of job , I only got back $400. I also made a lost with nyid Justin - initial cost was $900; sold for $200 !! The Rex doll took almost 6 months to be sold while the Justin doll got sold in 2 mins.
      I think with selling something don't leave it too tge last minute. If you know you are tight with money - make sure you advertise it early otherwise ypu will end up price dropping it.
      Looking back I wish I had never sold my dolls for less than what I wanted... its almost like throwing my money in the drain.
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    11. This is a bit of an awkward question. There's what I paid, and there's what they're insured for, and the two figures are nowhere close to eachother. I imagine it's the same for a lot of long time, older collectors tbh.
    12. Just the blank dolls puts me around 10k but most of mine are limited or small-batch artist dolls so their actual worth would be much higher. Faceups and modding and wigs and clothes really add a lot of value and I feel replacing an exact wig or outfit would be much harder than replacing most dolls.

      @Lulu is correct though. Anybody insuring their dolls will have a higher amount than what they paid if their collection has dolls that can’t be readily ordered anymore.
    13. Hmmm, all told, I have around $700 worth of dolls right now, with a big purchase planned in the future. That’s my current though.
    14. I moved internationally four years ago and had to write up a replacement/insurance value statement for my dolls. Those numbers were quite high (I could buy a decent car for that!), but I don't think my dolls are actually "worth" that amount. Every doll I've actually sold has gone for at least 30% less than I originally paid (and usually lower still), so I'd say that the specific context is everything here.
    15. I've kept a list of what I paid for each BJD I have, and for 18 tinies the total is close to $5,000! EEEEEEK! Two of them were fullset dolls and some of them have company face-ups, but still that's more than I realized.
    16. As others have said, they're definitely not worth anywhere near what I paid. Sadly. I've had very poor experiences with the resale market. I'd guess I'd net about $1750 if I sold all of my current collection. Not worth it!!
    17. for three SD's and Two MSD's, (Not counting the three pet bjds I got as gifts from the companies for making a large purchase) I'd say a bit over 3,000. A quarter of that is my volks boy.
    18. Do you have pictures of those from 60's?
    19. Around $2000 I think lol with the ones I currently have but I have more on the way.... so probably closer to $3000 and I've only been in the hobby since January. Full speed ahead
    20. God, I hate to even think about it...

      at this point well over 2k. Which isn't expensive compared to other people's collections but it's expensive to me