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doll companies, do you know how big?

Dec 21, 2009

    1. I don't know if there's any post like this on here, or if it's appropriate, if not Mod: please delete it, accordingly. It might even be silly of me to even ask.

      I was just wondering how big the doll companies actually are. Like approximately how many people working there. I've read that they are actually quite small number of people working in smaller company, or maybe I dream that up. I'm just curious.

      Think of it as educating a newbie like me. Thanks guys. :sweat
    2. I think every company it varies. But none of them, maybe with the exception of Volks, is a huge buisness with 100+ employees. I think. There's usually a only one, or very few sculpters, one or so face-up artists, and then maybe some representatives for various countries. Over-all the individual companies are small, with quite possibly no more then 10-20 people working on it, and that's being generous from what I hear.
      Of course larger companies like DoD, Luts, Volks, and the such likely have a larger staff to accomodate the higher demand.
      This is all just a guesstimation however. I'm sure someone else can provide you with more concrete information.
    3. Most of the companies are very small, not even what we'd think of being companies at all. Several are simply individual artists working from home. Others are just a small group of artists. There are some bigger companies but for the most part, even those are pretty small. Companies like Luts & Volks are some of the bigger ones & I believe some of the newer Chinese companies may employ more people in a more traditional factory setting.
    4. I read somewhere that Secretdoll is just one woman.
    5. What about Fairyland? Any idea how big they are?
    6. I heard that Asleep Eidolon is a group of artist I think 3 (possibly 2) and that was the reason the heads had varying sizes.
    7. Narindoll is one person. Elfdoll is 4 or 5 people, I think. Some fairly small companies out there.
    8. Bobobie got 10 people working there :)
    9. That was fascinating, thanks for the link!

      Somehow I wasn't expecting such an ordinary-looking office. :sweat
    10. I'd heard (rumor) that DoD was three people when they started taking off in popularity, and it certainly wasn't anyone's "day job." That was probably four years ago; I don't know if it was true then or if it is true now.


      Ann in CT
    11. Quite a few small studios have another business do their actual doll casting for them so their company stays very small. Maybe just the sculptor/artist doing all of the work (sculpting, on line communication, doll finishing, painting, shipping) with the casting company as a separate entity. Ocean Moon, Migidoll and MsDoll, Shinydoll, K-Doll, Pixydoll and others operate this way. Most of these artists also have regular day jobs.

      Alice in Labyrinth is three people, Dollstown is two people (both are sculptors) and Dollshe does their casting. Musedoll is two sisters.

      Larger companies would be like Soom or Luts. Even if they each managed to have a crew of 30-50 people working they still are not very big.

      According to Volks information page they employ 150 people. Just a small size toy company really.
    12. This is interesting to see. No wonder waiting times for dolls are so 'long'.
      Can be fun to work there.
    13. How big is Dollmore, what's about it?..
    14. OMG, how cute! :D

      "It is clean now but it will be battlefield about 3~4 o'clock."

      Urgh... Korean people do not exaggerate when they say this. Must be really crazy... :sweat
    15. Very interesting info! Thank you.
    16. In the new Hautedoll Magazine I read an article about Soom that states they employ 40 people. I'd say Dollmore has to be smaller than that.
    17. I heard that DragonDoll is 3. Dream Realm - 2.