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Doll Contest

Jun 16, 2007

    1. Authors Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libby, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee in partnership with JunkySpot announce an exciting new Doll Contest.

      Details here:


      Sponsored by JunkySpot and The Secret World Chronicle
      The invasion of the dolls has arrived! Create your own doll versions of the Secret World cast for a chance to win a one of a kind, beautiful doll of Vickie Vee, created on a Dollzone Fellian with a costume of real metal armor by the talented and well known makeover artist Tanya of Legends by Valkyrie.

      The contest will be judged by the Secret World Chronicle authors: Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libbey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee and Veronica Giguere, and Emory Sung of JunkySpot. Additionally, a panel of fans from the Echo Mach Street Team will choose a fan favorite.

      Listen to the podcasts, select your favorite character, and show us your mad skillz!
    2. Create as in "sculpt and mold" or "sketch/draw?"
      OMG, Mercedes Lackey..... :heart
    3. Can we photoshop the pictures? I mean I would love to do Bella Dawn Parker, but I think Temari would kill me if I dyed her blue, but I could always paint her in photoshop.

      Also can we enter more then one doll?

      And can we use creative interpretations. I would also like to do Seraphym, but her face and outfit is never shown just her hair shoulder and side of her face. I love her hair I want to make that wig.
    4. Create is in create a physical doll in costume, take pictures and submit them to us for the contest. You can indeed create the entire doll if you wish, but you can also use your own dolls/modded dolls. Any size is eligible, see the rules for details!

    5. I hate to do this, but if we allow photoshopping where do we stop? So, no photoshopped pictures please. But all sizes and types of dolls are allowed, so perhaps some experimentation is in order with a Babs or a Teen Trends!

      You can enter as many dolls as you like.

      And PLEASE! Creative interpretations galore! We want to see how YOU visualize them!
    6. I am still confused, are we to make a costume and pose it on our doll and take a photo?

      And why are only a few pictures available to look at for characters? Do we have to tell you in advance which character we are going to use?

      I am interested in entering if this is the case :) look forward to hearing from you re this
    7. littlepinkfaery - "Yes! That is exactly what you're supposed to do ;) Create a costume, put it on a doll, pose it and send the pictures."

      As on the site, here are the rules:

      Contest Rules

      1. Deadline for entries is September 30th, 2007.
      2. Contest is open to all sizes of doll.
      3. Dolls must depict a Secret World character. No contestant creations permitted.
      4. You must submit no less than four and no more than twelve high resolution photos:
      * One full length front (mandatory)
      * One full length back (mandatory)
      * One facial closeup (mandatory)
      * One detail closeup of your choice (mandatory)
      5. One to eight additional photos at your discretion. Poses encouraged!
      6. Any materials are allowed
      7. Any modification is allowed
      8. Sizes: 1/6, 1/4 and 1/3 (11 1/2 inches, 18 inches and 22 inches)

      How To Enter Send your photos in an email to dollcontest@secretworldchronicle.com. Be sure to put "DOLL CONTEST" and your name in the subject line.

      Make sure to include your name in the JPG file names. For example, "Mercedes_Lackey_doll1.jpg".

      You may attach up to 12 JPGs of up to 400k file size each. Attach the files separately; do not use a ZIP, RAR, SEA or other compression utility. Our spam filter will block it.

      If you have any problems, please send an email to info@secretworldchronicle.com.
    8. ah, i think I get it, ( i have sent you a PM aswell!) still don't understand why we can only view a few of the characters bio's on the site, are these te only ones people can create for or are all the charcters going to get a link so we get an idea about them?
    9. Unfortunately, Victoria Victrix is unable to read her PMs ATM;;
      Very sorry;

      As to the your question about the character bios,

      "In the character list that you can link to from the contest page, only a few are in orange. Those are the main characters of the stories as opposed to the secondary characters. Some have art, some like John Murdock, do not.

      So listen to the podcasts and let your imagination go! We want to see what you see in YOUR mind's eye!

      This contest is all about creativity and imagination!"
    10. Thank goodness I got my net back and can get my PMs again. Something in my wretched dialup software prevented me from even logging onto DoA.


      This is what I know about computers: When the magic smoke escapes, the computer doesn't work anymore.

      Tanya asked me to clarify the prizes:

      There will be one grand prize, the Vickie doll, which all dolls in both categories are eligible to win.

      There will be one Fan Favorite prize, judged by the Echo Street Team, which all dolls in both categories are eligible to win.

      In the BJD category, there will be a first and second prize.
      In the "other doll" category, there will be a first and second prize.
    11. I believe Tanya is capable of making metal armor, but her own website states that it is made of leather.

      "The catsuit is almost completely hidden by her carefully articulated, intricately tooled, textured, molded, dyed and detailed leather armor. Her armor was specifically (and painstakingly!) designed to allow the doll her full range of movement. Each piece of armor laces to the doll."

      I wish it was metal, because the patina is such a beautiful blue-green.