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Doll Couples...Together or Separate?

Jun 5, 2009

    1. I checked, and didn't find a topic similar to this, but if I'm wrong please point me in the right direction

      I know there are people out there who a doll couple, (two dolls (maybe more?) who are dating, married, engaged, divorced, parents, best friends or mortal enemies even!) And I am curious to see how people went about getting the couple.

      Was it planed and did you order them around the same time?
      Did you have one first and realize they needed a partner?
      Did you plan a couple get one first, then get the other?
      Or does a friend have one and you have the other?
      Or did it happen a completely different way?

      I'm curious because I am planning my first two MSD dolls to be a couple (I've put the first down payment on the girl, and the boy is still up in the air about which sculpt fits his personality)

      So let's hear what you have to say about your couples!
    2. My doll eventually turned into a roleplay character, and she fell in love with my friend's. Now, my friend has no real interest in dolls whatsoever, so I'm going to end up with mister boyfriend at some point. I just need to find the time to start looking for a good mold.
    3. My dolls in relationships were RP characters before they were dolls, so the relationships were already planned out. Several couples I own outright, but one couple, the other half is owned by my friend who lives in Boston.

      We write much more than either of us ever takes pictures, so the separation isn't much of a deal, but when we do visit we always take as many pictures as we can for fun.
    4. I have one complete doll that is half of a pair of mortal enemies. :sweat

      I got Kaizer without a set character, but he developed his own. For a while he was going to be by himself as far as stories go, then Soom released Heliot. I knew the two were going to hate each other for different reasons, and the Heliot is eventually coming home.

      Kaizer's 'girlfriend' (they've never met in person, only talked in letters) will belong to my own girlfriend, and will be a DZ Celine. She's currently in the process of buying her head from a DOA user. He'll be happy to have at least part of her around. ^^
    5. Not all of my dolls are couples, but I do like having pairs. I plan to get one of my dolls his partner and have been working on a doll to pair with my other large boy. My MSD has gone through many ideas non of which have been romantic really and seems to be doing just fine with my other mini girl. I think I have this thing for even numbers and making things equal that makes it hard for me to just have one doll alone.
    6. I chose to order a Soom Lupin, and then I realized I couldn't have just one lonely doll, so I found him a lady love interest.
    7. Well, I decided to get my boy a long time ago, and his personality has evolved into a sort of playboy. From there, I decided that every good flirtatious boy needs a girl to pull him away by his ear, so from there, she became his girlfriend. Of course, I don't have either of them yet ><
    8. Phinn was my first doll and I had no plans for a couple of any kind but now I have a few tinies and Phinn was the only larger doll even though he's only MSD...so I've ordered a second MSD size boy. What kind of couple they will be remains to be seen...relatives, friends, romantically involved...I don't know yet. It'll fall into place when he arrives and I see them together. Who knows in what direction it might develop? :)
    9. What a cute thread idea!

      I only have a single "coupled" character right now, Jay Say. I don't even own her boyfriend, Rat. He lives across the country in Florida with Aernath. It totally came unplanned, really. Jay seemed lonely, and seemed to gravitate to Rat, so she drew a picture... and it just blossomed from there.

      I'm planning to get a little boy myself, but I don't dare mess with Jay and Rat. If I ever got a big guy, it'd be like her brother or something.
    10. I've had one couple planned out for a while, just lack funds to get them. I also have a boyfriend planned for my Lestat, whom i plan on getting sooner then my other couple, since i've already been promised Lestat ($135 left to go!) and his boyfriend is gonna be a Resinsoul Jun, which i can afford easier then a DoD Homme Ducan and DZ Floy XD

      So yeah, mine are planned XD i've even been drawing sketches for the clothes i'll need to get commissioned for Lestat's boy, Antebellum, since he'll wear dressed influenced by diffrent periods. My mom keeps telling me i should wait till i accurately have the doll first but...planning is fun!
    11. Kestrel was an impulse purchase-he was Lt. Tan like Fauna, and I wanted a matching pair. But when he showed up, I took one look at his sweet face and realized that he had come to be with Fauna. She took to him immediately.

      Nicolette and Florian arrived at the same time, but I never felt they were meant to be a couple. Florian is her distant ancestor and he just likes to pick out a descendant to pester every once in a while. They're just close friends, and both of them are free to play the field. Pretty sure Nicolette is hetero. Florian may be more flexible...
    12. I have two couples. They have all come separately.
      Couple number one became a couple all of thier own accord. I thought they were friends, although one did have a crush on the other. I concidered the other doll far too young to be thinking about relationships, (She's 16 but very sheltered and bookish). It was her 1st birthday and I thought it was pretty lame, I told her because her birthday was so lame she could have anything she wanted. I picked her up and her hand landed on her friends leg. I knew then that she was trying to tell me all she wanted for her birthday was to go on a date with Kit. I felt a little un easy about it but I got used to the idea after about 6 months. lol Now I love them together they are perfect for eachother because they are so opposite.

      My second couple I had in mind once I ordered him. I would eventually put them together and let them call the shots as to when it would come about, looking out for signs. As soon as I opend the box it was clear to me they were already a couple, I just didn't know until then.
    13. All of my dolls are paired up with one another, though not all as couples. I find that the best way for me to thoroughly know the characters of my dolls is through their interaction with one another.

      My first pair were a couple of some sorts and were bought at the same time though they didn't exactly arrive at the same time.

      My second pair arrived at the same time since they were bought from the same person. They are characters from another story of mine and it will start off from their story first until I can get more characters involved in it.
    14. Minus Sybal and Dimitri (who are complicated) all of the dating and married couples both ends will belong to me and I'll get one, save up and get the other.
      Brother+Sister/Parent+Child ones will be the same thing.
      I'll be buying Sybal at the end of the summer and my friend Gaby owns Dimitri. And I'm not gonna say anything about it now, but something may happen later on.
      Alice and Annabell are inseperable sisters and best friends and in love. I'll order them at the same time and if one comes before the other her box sits in the closet until the other comes. It's not cruelty, they'd both much rather have that than be out without hair or eyes (Annabell's eyes and wig come with Alice, Alice's eye's and wig come with Annabell) and alone.
      As for my twins, Skylar and Kylie, they're going to be ordered together (twins, same sculpt, same place, obvious) and there will be twincest going on there.
    15. Eurgh, I don't think I'd ever do a couple, just brings all kinds of weird "dollies-in-flagrante" images to mind ^^;; Yikes...!

    16. All my planned dolls will either be part of a couple/family unit/bff thing, just so no one's 'lonely', but they'll be bought seperately-- in part, because the first two are from seperate companies, in part because it's taking me long enough to save up for Vince!

    17. I guess we could call it a couple, though they refer to each other as 'special friends'. My puki, Devika and cutekittami's puki, Snug, became friends late last year. As they got to talking, they both seemed to gain little kiddy crushes on one another and it really took off around Valentine's Day.

      It wasn't really planned, and just sort of happened as real relationships often do, but they're the cutest tiny couple. And they've been the gateway for other puki crushes and dating, it's so cute. X3
    18. I already had the backstory planned out when I bought my first boy, however I couldn't find a mold that suited the second boy. They were to be a couple.

      After having the first boy for several years I sold him and bought a mold that better suited the character.

      Then IP came out with the Akando and I bought him as the other half - but it was three years later!

      Now I have both boys and they are totally suited to each other.
    19. I currently "plan" for one couple, but my boy doesn't know it yet^.^ Perhaps when she comes, he'll make the connection.
    20. I tired out my guy and girl as a couple, but they didn't fit... So I'm currently planning on getting another girl for my girl. Not sure about my guy though, he just doesn't seem interested yet ;)
      But I don't RP or anything, so I just see how everyone fits, and go by there.