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Doll Dioramas

Oct 15, 2016

    1. Hello.

      I'm currently waiting for a custom diorama to ship for my 1/4 BJD. Is anyone else here a diorama addict? What stores do you frequent regarding furnitures?

      I would love to see your set ups if anyone is willing to share.

      *Hopefully this is in the right forum ;;;;
    2. @Doll-Mage Thank you so much! I'm going to venture over and gawk at all the lovely photos ffffff

      /edit I just realized how old that thread is and ffff most of the photos are dead links unfortunately ;; v ;;
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    3. I'm in the process of making a more detailed room and I'm going to be making the majority of my furniture
    4. @glynjay That sounds exciting! Will you be posting it on any of your social medias? I would love to follow your progress if you don't mind fffff
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    5. @Roterwolkenvogel Your Victorian-esque set up is pretty neat! I find so many neat furnitures and then get disheartened when I realized it's for tall BJDs fffff
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    6. I have the same issue! I search for MSD things and everything seems to be SD...
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    7. YES I'm going to be starting making my furniture soon. I'm going to be posting on Instagram and if I can on here as well
    8. My dolls are all mature tinies or in scale kids. They recently got moved from the bottom shelf of a display cabinet to two levels of a glass and metal IKEA shelving unit. Two of the chairs I have for them are cell phone chairs, but almost everything else I made, or plan to make. I'm always on the lookout for possible accessories for them where ever I go. Eventually I'll take pictures...

      I live near a couple of antique or home decor shops. I may start haunting them for props.
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    9. I frequent antique shops, there is a great one near me with 3 floors, I've found a few goodies there *-* I'm working on a kinda apothecary room for my tiny delf. It's not too impressive right now, I just have a shelf with some books and jars. It's a slow moving project lol
    10. Those are really nice! That's quite the compilation. The different perspective shots and little explanations are a nice touch.
    11. I always thought that the dioramas is what is usually displayed at the conventions etc - the "scenes" from the story of some kind, with the characters acting according to the story )))
      I thought it can't be the usual doll storage place with some furniture and doll-sized items. It seems that I own a pretty large diorama then, taking into account that I've got several of my SDs sitting at their medieval thrones as the "council of lords" with their improvized "banners" XD
    12. I have my dolls set up in mostly permanent dioramas. I do also have a few spare posterboards and furniture for temporary scenes, but the most effort goes into the permanent ones. Here's a quick shot of the shelves in my doll room:


      And here are a couple of my favorites up close:

      Luc (without him in it)

      These dolls are all SD, but I also have a room started for my MSD girl. I get most of my furniture from repurposing jewelry boxes, small shelving units and pillows, but some are custom made for the dolls by my dad (for example, Hailey's bed, Justin's shoe pyramid, and Luc's gun rack). I've found that furniture made for American Girl is great for MSD, and teddy bear furniture is often good for many sizes, just check measurements because sometimes things are too low or too wide. Props are often handmade by me, but also are repurposed often. For example, most of the posters are post cards, the tvs are picture frames from Michaels, the carpet is just a bath mat, wallpaper mostly is either posterboard or contact paper, Parker's bed (in the very center) is a dog bed. XD The "windows" are simply wooden dowel rods with fabric hung over them--there is no real window at all. Still many of the mini props are things I found in antique shops, thrift shops, ebay, etsy and souvenir shops. I live less than an hour from Mammoth Cave, a National park, so there are gift shops all over. Mostly, they sell tacky junk, but I got Hazle's tiny little oil lamp from one for very cheap! Sometimes, there are lots of miniature souvenirs in places like that. You might have to scratch a place name off or paint over it, but I've also found 1/4 guitars, tshirts, mugs, rings that work as bracelets and more in these places!
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    13. @Roterwolkenvogel fffff I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling it. Even on etsy, a lot of the workmanship styles that I like, only caters to 1/6 scale ;;;; v ;;;;

      @glynjay What's your IG? So I can see your progression heh. I'm more active there than here.

      @Leo Pheonix I really admire those who are creative and intiuative to create their own doll furnitures, whether through recycling or from start. I was at a home goods store earlier and was thinking the exact same thing, I wasn't actively looking for props but I will make a weekend of it one of these days ovo

      @ginniw That sounds amazing!! I don't think we have anything like that near me ffff. Your work in process sounds cute already!

      @Doll-Mage jsjshejjedn that bookshelf room set up is really sweet!

      @Zelen Hah I can understand why you thought dioramas were only recognizable in those museum setting types. I've never really seen casual ones until I became interested in BJDs.

      @CloakedSchemer jdhdhudjsksks your permanent set ups are so neat! I love that they're all kept in the same space. I wish I had the room to repurpose shelving like that. Then again I only have one girl at the moment so on top of the dresser should be fine for now hah. You're really creative with your findings and creating for your dolls! I'm hoping to stop by Michaels sometime soon and see what things I can repurpose for the diorama. And I will definitely look out for American Girl things. I'm surprised it's suitable for MSD, maybe I'm thinking they're a lot bigger than they really are.
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    14. my Instagram is tigfunk
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    15. I think you're thinking of "tableau".
    16. wahh you are all have so nice dollrooms. I make my first dollroom for tiny-bjds. But i dont find nice furniture >.<
      Also i dont have any place for all this >.<
    17. omg that is sooo cool. how long did it took you? tell me about the handmade items!