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Doll Fête 2011 Thailand - 27.03.2011 | OOAK Auction Doll Unoa Sist post #10

Jan 24, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      EVENT: Doll Fête 2011
      DATE: Sunday March 27th 2011
      VENUE: JJ MALL, Kamphaeng Phet Hall, 6th Fl. (next to Chatuchak Sunday Market)
      EVENT THEME: Fairy Tale
      Official Website: http://www.dollfete.com

      DF2011 is biggest doll event in Thailand on 2,200 sq.m. area. 100+ doll shops and individual artists/customizers/seamstress etc. are attending. The event theme for this year is "Fairy Tale". The event is now open for booth registration and ticket reservation. International shops/dealers are welcome.

      Highlights of the event includes Doll Showcase of Thai customized artists, display of LE dolls from personal collections, auction customized dolls from notable Thai artists, doll photo contest, games and many more activities.

      Let's check DF Official Website for more details. :)
    2. Thank you so much for Special Guests in Doll Fete 2011.

    3. Update of more international doll shops joining DF2011. :)

      Oasis Doll
      Flower Doll Room
      Doll Leaves
      Peaks Woods
      Mimi Collection (cannot join but has offered prizes)

      International individual dealer booths are now open for application till Feb 20th.


      Details of Lotto Dolls are update. Various prize dolls including BJD (to be disclosed).


      Giveaway promo postcard set
    4. Thank you so much for our Special Guests in Doll Fete 2011. :D

    5. Update on DollHeart special event in DF2011. :)

      Event 1 : Free shipping

      Pre-order Special Limied items: DollHeart X Jollyplus - Dream Moon Alice Full Set in Pink (Yo-SD Size) - Limited 20 Sets
      URL: http://www.jollyplus.com/shop_zencart/dream-moon-noby-fullset-alice-p-3345.html


      Pre-order in DollHeart website. Doll will be delivered in DF2011 event. Pls note in order form that you'd like to pick up doll in DF2011. DH will refund your shipping fee.

      Event 2 : Buy 3 shoes Get 1 Free

    6. Update on Special Event from DollHeart in DF2011


      1. Customer who orders Dream Moon Noby (Fullset Pinky Alice) $399 can enjoy the chance to get 1 Normal Noby doll (nude doll + box) by adding $99.

      Dolls will be delivered in DF2011, FREE shipping cost.
      * Please note in order form that you'd like to pick up the doll in DF2011.
      DollHeart will refund shipping cost to you.

      URL: Dream Moon Noby (Fullset Pinky Alice)

      General info about Noby
      * Noby doll is YOSD size (24.5cm) doll from JollyPlus.
      * Noby doll body is unisex (no gender). Can be a girl or a boy. Skin color is normal skin tone.
      * The offered Noby doll is not Dream eyes version. (Only The Limited Bloody Alice is Dream eyes version.)

      URL for Noby doll

      2. Buy 3 wigs/shoes GET 1 FREE

    7. Update on Auction Dolls

      6 OOAK dolls will be offered for auction in Doll Fete 2011 under Fairy Tales/Fantasy theme. All dolls are designed/customized by Thailand's customizer artists. :aheartbea

      List of Auction Dolls are:-
      1. Blythe - White Swan
      2. Blythe - Juliet
      3. Pullip&Taeyang - Fantasy Lovers
      4. Taeyang - The Beast
      5. Dal - Red Riding Hood
      6. BJD [Alchemic Labo Unoa Quluts Sist] - Golden Papillon


      For more info: Doll Fete 2011 Auction Dolls