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Doll Fête 2012 in Thailand on 24-03-12 with Crobidoll, SWITCH, and more

Mar 12, 2012

    1. Event : Doll Fête 2012
      Date : Mar 24th, 2012 (sat)
      Time: 12.00-18.00
      Venue : Kampangpetch Hall (fl.6), JJ Mall, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

      Doll Fête is the biggest doll event in Bangkok, Thailand. It has been running for 3rd year.
      This year features many notable doll companies; Crobidoll, SWITCH, DollHeart, RubyRedGalleria, PetWORKS (Japan), etc. Plus 120 local artist vendor booths.

      For more update info, check their facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dollfete
      Official website: http://www.dollfete.com


      Auction doll from Crobidoll

      YS Day Dream (Normal Skin)
      B-Line Boy Body
      Limited makeup
      Limited full set of medieval-style clothes

      YS Day Dream -Normal Skin will be really special doll with B-Line body.
      It consists of special clothes, wigs, shoes and glass eyes as a full set.



      Auction OOAK Outfit for SD10, SD13G by Thai artist "Alice"
      Outfit made of exquisite silk, beads, lace. All handmade.
      More photo