Doll faces

May 27, 2018

    1. What kind of doll faces do you like the most? Like anime looking faces, Realistic ones, scary faces, etc.
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    2. I honestly don't know how to answer this, since I have dolls ranging from semi- realistic to completely anime. I guess I'm drawn to elves, lol. Oh and ladies, for some reason the boys just never resonate with me.
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    3. I like realistic faces, mostly mature men. I have a couple of child dolls but they were pre existing characters of mine. I’m not a fan of the very traditional doll look (massive eyes, pouty lips) as I can find it a bit same-y, and I tend to like sculpts that have more real human features. I do like some fantasy sculpts, and elf ears. Most of my dolls are boys, too, so I guess I’m more drawn to their faces than the girls.
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    4. I'm definitely drawn to cute, semi-realistic female faces and I like it when they seem to be conveying some sort of emotion. I also like some anime styles but it can be a bit too much for me.
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    5. I like faces with open mouths showing teeth. Strangely specific, I know. It can be a smile, a grimace, a snarl, a "model" look. I don't care. It just adds a little more depth for me. That being said, it can be anime or realistic and I still like it. Not a fan of open mouth and there isn't any teeth showing (lots of anime sculpts with open mouths do this sadly). It's odd to me but to each their own (and I see why it's done since anime does often feature the huge open smile with no teeth).
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    6. I like strange expressions, especially wide grins. If the mouth is open and shows teeth, it's almost an instant buy. One of my favorite heads that I own is a Miracle Doll Vic. His different sized eyes and pointy teeth are just so perfect.

      I also like anime styled heada but only own one in that style.
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    7. I like realism--up to a point. When a bjd starts looking like one of those super-realistic action figures, it's a bit too much for me.
      I also like unusual features and expressions such as large noses, big smiles, crying.
      And I like anthros, but not the ones that are mostly human and only have paws, ears and tails.
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    8. I like anything but anime faces and the oldschool large-eye-tiny-mouth dolls. I guess I like faces with expression, and those ones never seem to have that right in my opinion.
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    9. I like a medium level of realism. So more realistic than not, but not so realistic that it's like a real human face. I like some stylization, and some small exaggerations. I guess it's because all of my doll crew are also story characters, and for me that means they are more an avatar than an actual depiction of a person.

      I do like a nose with some personality, smaller eyes, and frowny mouths. I do like full lips. I certainly have dolls with none of those features.

      I have a hard time with perfectly symmetrical doll faces. I have no problem with dolls being 3D rendered but the lack of asymmetry in faces is a big turn off. I find more humanity in my doll avatars if they have some quirk. Mind you, I've seen some people paint in quirk on symmetrical faces and that works well.
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    10. I am open to all types of faces, from hyper realistic to cute anime faces, as well as adult and childlike faces... I really love anthro looking or alien faces :3
    11. Moderately realistic, I guess? My favorite dolls are Luts Senior Delf, Migidoll, Soom and Iplehouse, if that gives you an idea. I do like some super realistic dolls, but not for myself, as I find it difficult to match up an entire crew with that same high level of realism and proportions. (However, I do really like it in 1/6 scale figures.) I don't really like anime styled dolls at all. Huge eyes and tiny mouth/nose really doesn't do it for it, and I guess that's also why I don't like most child dolls.

      I like a neutral or slightly smiling/pouting expression, depending on the character. Some extreme expressions can be interesting, but I don't want them for myself because it limits me too much in photo stories.
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    12. Mostly realistic although my current doll is a cat boy. I like big eared boys and unusual noses
    13. I love both realistic and semi-realistic faces. For realistic, I'm more drawn to faces that look more korean or generally more asian looking. For semi-realistic ones, I like quite a number of different styles, from the normal open eyes, half open eyes to fantasy ones with fangs, pointy ears etc.
    14. I used to like animate looking face when I first got into the hobby. But when I got back into the hobby, realistic looking BJD is what I want.... So not sure, if my answer will change few years from now.
    15. EVERYTHING. I guess I would say I am drawn to...anything I can see potential in? Really, as long as a face has some level of character, I will probably like it. Did I mention my wishlist has too many characters to fit into my bio? :doh
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    16. I like dolls that look a little sad, and cute. I especially like eyebrows that tilt a little downwards. But I mostly like more realistic/mature faces :)
    17. What are some of your favorite dolls with open mouths. I’m trying find a doll that I like with an open mouth, I can’t find one that looks good
    18. semi realistic to anime is my favorite :)
    19. I like the less realistic ones. Not cartoony, but more like the strange fay-looking sculpts similar to Doll Chateau's.
    20. I am kind of mixed, I love looking at pictures of more realistic dolls, but I can't own them. I just am never able to enjoy them in person. The dolls I collect are the big eye smaller mouth type that were most popular years ago like CP, volks, peakswood, original soom GEM size. And fantasy type dolls. And mostly girls, but that's mainly because they are more fun to sew for.
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