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Doll factory 65cm new dolls and Double Head Event!!

Nov 14, 2011

    1. Hello everyone!!
      Doll factory has released 65cm new dolls - Senior Ari YEON,RYU.
      Doll factory arrange WINTER EVENT.
      Period : Nov.14,2011 ~ Dec.24,2011
      1. Double head EVENT for Senior-Ari
      Customers can purchase Special Senior-Ari during the event period.
      We offer 1 body and 2 head.
      We present YEON head fo rthe customers who purchase Senior-Ari RYU,
      and present RYU head for thecustomers who purchase Senior-Ari YEON.
      Skin color of event head is the same as doll you would order.
      And We offer 2% points for YEON,RYU and 3% points for Senior Ari body parts.

      2. Customers who purchase Sweety-Ari during
      the event period can get a free wig.
      We will offer random wig to the
      Please understand that you are not able to select a kind of wig.

      Thank you!!