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Doll Factory (New BJD Store?)

Dec 7, 2007

    1. I was googling for the address of another site, and I discovered this:


      They appear to have just opened, they make 44cm girl dolls, and they are based out of Korea.

      If this is old news, oops! :D

      The dolls are pretty cute, though. :D


      EDIT: Oops, I mean 44cm only. ^^;
    2. Anyone know if the Elf Witch Soho and Elf Knight Sogo dolls are SD or MSD sized? I can't find size details anywhere on the site.

    3. I think they're SD.
    4. Does anyone know if the armor is resin or what it's made from? Wicked cool...Hubby MUST see!
    5. It says they're 42cm on the side bar. :)
    6. I think Sogo and Soho may be taller, since they are not listed in the "Mini Ari" section. I see that someone asked on the Soho page though, so hopefully the company will answer quickly.
    7. I think they are SD size. If you look at the ones that are marked 42cm they are only charging $297 for them. For Sogo & Soho they are charging $680.
      If they were MSD size then they are wearing armor that costs $383. That's some expensive armor.
      I do like Soho & Sogo though just not sure about the crotch piece of their armor.
    8. Yup, it just seems weird to me that a company would come out with their first two 60cm sculpts as limiteds and not mark them as such when they have unlimited mini sculpts and seemingly only immediate plans for releasing smaller dolls, but stranger things have happened *_*

      Actually the fantasy dolls seem to be limited fullsets so they are limited elf sculpts that come with eyes, their faceups/ manicures, jewelry and highly detailed (probably resin) armor.
      And keep in mind that Unidoll's armor alone sold for over $600. :o
      The crotch part makes me twitch :XD:
    9. Went to the korean site [link] and it looks like the limiteds are also 42cm
    10. ;) The company is based in South Korea, not China.

      In other news, looks like we'll never see the armor sets, they claim they are already sold out (probably through the Korean site.) :(