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Doll Factory pet doll Fox? how do i clothe him?

Mar 14, 2008

    1. Does anyone own the Doll factory fox?

      i'm having a difficult time finding anything that fits him, and i want him to be...slightly less naked?!

      the only clothes offered for the dolls on the website are dresses...not good if you happen to have the boy fox (less makeup haha)

      here is the hoodie we rigged up for Hud...i believe it was from a Hearts Only Club doll...a line carried at Target...but even these clothes are far too large...

    2. I have one and it is a problem, but hopefully they will release some clothing for him soon.

    3. I have a boy mouse and I like making pet clothes, so I can see about making more for the foxes. I also alter barbie clothes to fit.

    4. WAh! your stuff is really beautiful! it would be wonderful to get some stuff for the foxes...their tails are a little different (i assume probably the same at the base, but i am not sure.....) but if you put some stuff up, i definitely want to see!

      thank you!
    5. YES. i feel yourpain...it's a little unnerving to have hud in a dress 8B
    6. Take a picture of the back/tail joint area and I can figure it out.

    7. As much as I love my Bao (and am convinced I wouldn't get another fox doll), THAT Fox is pretty cute, and growing on me like a fungus. 8D;

      (I wonder how he compares in size to a Pipos Ringo?)
    8. Apparantly, they are about the same size....i will be able to tell you for sure as soon as i lose my mind and buy like, 300 Ringos.

      for my tiny cat army, you see.

      ahahah no but seriously i want one. they're adorable XD

    9. I will do so tomorrow when i have good light! thank you!
    10. How long did it take you to get your PoPo fox? And did you order it from Doll Factory, or one of it's distributors? I -really- want one of these (But I have to wait for the tax returns to come back), and I'm curious to find out how long they take to ship. ^_^
    11. Wow! I am tempted, then! XD

      I was bad and pre-ordered both LTD Ringos, since I couldn't decide which one I wanted more.


      (Srsly, they need to make tiny Baos... or LTD Baos aside from the first one. I'd totally die.)

      Clothes wise, I have difficulty imagining how big they are - Barbie's sister Kelly dolls are too small, I assume? I know some Barbie clothes will fit my Bao.
    12. Hi, I'm new to the group and also am trying to find clothes for my boy pet fox. I've heard that Riley Kish's clothes supposedly fit the pet dolls. Don't know if that's true or not. ladytheo2000
    13. Here is what the joint of the tail looks like

    14. Looks like they are using the same body as the Mouse, and even the joint of the tail is the same size, it just gets bigger from that point on, but for pants that's easy enough to deal with.

    15. anneke, PM me if you ever decide to make some bobo-sized dresses :) PeaPea is nekkie and is starting to get cold ;) lol
    16. I've made/alter barbie clothes into 'dresses' for the mice already.



      For the boys, I made the pants, but the shirt was a barbie shirt I altered to fit the mouse. But the material is so thin it keeps shreading at the arms to my annoyance.

    17. omg anneke those look great! think you could alter a litte princess dress?
    18. I'll see what I can come up with. I do adore making the pet clothes. I'll try and find some time this weekend. Was going to do so last weekend, but after making some SD doll clothes, and then working on a major cosplay costume for myself, I ended up with severly bruised/banged up fingers. I guess I should start with the small stuff first this time.

    19. yes if you can make some cutesy frilly princess dresses, PeaPea needs a few! after all, she IS a princess... ;) I'd love you forever, too lol