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Doll Family 62cm and 70cm Discussion - part 2

Jan 12, 2015

    1. I just got a Suxon head (and that's the last time I will ever reffer to him by his sculpt name cause he's got so much personality). Does anyone have any spam of that sculpt? I would love to see! I'm just finishing up his faceip and body blush. He's on a different company body as he was a gift to me. I'm actually really pleased with the combination.

      Noah is gorgeous! is he the type that would dye his hair? He looks like one that would good in about 800 different hair colors because of how his faceup is done, that's all. I bet those two make a really cute couple!
    2. [MENTION=64125]Faith In Beauty[/MENTION] Oh my goodness that tshirt is fantastic.
    3. @Sovriin Thank You, I Bought It Off Someone Who Makes Them! Its A Famous Guy From TV
    4. I recently received my Julian head, he's a treasure.
      I ordered a 65cm 2-part body for him in their Christmas sale, I see now there's a new updated 3-part body on their site. It has better looking legs. Somebody asked about the tan, the example body is tan.

      Edit: It looks like I was wrong about it being improved. They just updated the pics and you can see every detail in tan.
    5. Shiba801, Noah looks cool!
      I'm always happy to see a nangong here:).

    6. [​IMG]
      Gieen - Shirt And Open Sweater by Faith In Beauty, on Flickr
      This is Gieen, Sebastians other character I made on the 62cm Zi Luo V.II body male I have. He his so cute with his blue-green eye and golden-yellow eye. The teal wig suits him marvelously

      Lovely sculpt. I think he looks rather handsome!
    7. Faith In Beauty, the mismatched eyes are really cute! Teal certainly seems to be his color. For some reason I can't figure out how to tag people in this:...(

      Amadeo my DF-H Lyre was hanging out with me today on the sofa and decided to join me for some video games. He was confused why his controller wasn't working!

    8. @Clorista
      Try the @ and then "Copy/Paste" their username!
      and tthank you!

      Amadeo sure seems to like playing video games! oh! I'm so jealous!
    9. @Faith In Beauty Thanks! Got it working.

      Amadeo certainly does love his games!
    10. @Clorista
      What head and body sculpt is Amadeo? hes very handsome, and looks like loves games as much as i do!
      My Gieen, is a Doll Family-A Zi Luo Sculpt, with a V.II Body. Here he is lounging in his military short-shorts(not booty-shorts) LOL
      What do you have as a sculpt and body mold For your Amadeo?
      [​IMG]Gieen 11 by Faith In Beauty, on Flickr
    11. [MENTION=64125]Faith In Beauty[/MENTION] Amadeo is a Doll Family H Lyre who has sadly been discontinued. He has the default faceup with a slightly modified lip. He is on an older Doll Family body from before the companies split. I think Doll Family H has a body that looks similar now.
    12. I have a hybrid like that. His name is Vail. I love the proportions quite a bit. He is on the older body but the heads should do well on the new body too. For the color, I believe the color on the body will be slightly more yellow and a bit , not much, but a touch more pale. It would be an easy fix with blushing. The body that I got was second hand and I restored it. The match is perfect now but my head was also the old normal A. I have an Ell head in their new normal and I think you will be ok so long as you are willing to send your entire doll to an artist so they can perform the appropriate adjustments in the face-up and body blush. You will be very happy with it. I really love Vail and will happily post a couple pictures if you would like to see him. He's a Fairy Jina.

      Now I mentioned having Hennessey well on the way... and now he is... done. I want to suede his neck. it's just a little stiff the wrong way but... and I need to make him pants because his body is... :cough: too well hung for anything to fit his butt, his waist, and have any hope of closing in the front. He did porn but... yanno, he's not gonna be hangin' out all over the place! I finished his eyes too. I'm really happy with them. So Here he is. I'd like to introduce you to Hennessey Evngrey. I hope that you like him <3

    13. [MENTION=51379]Myrretah[/MENTION] Hennessey is lovely and those eyes are simply gorgeous! I am literally in envy! All the green eyes I find end up looking too dark once I get them in.

      I love hearing stories about how they hate their pants. One of my dolls is so much bigger then the others that when someone else who was about the same waist borrowed his pants it looked like he had...well a very strangely baggy bit in the front. What body do you have him on?
    14. @Clorista He's on an Akagi Doll body. I fell in love with the body and actually had ordered it for Vail but... Vail is so perfect on the doll family a body that I thought Hennessey was going on, that I just gave it to Hennessey instead. I guess they both had decided this without my knowing because they both feel so whole. The color is perfect on both and they both feel so proportionate. I don't think Vail would have looked as good on such a lean curvy body. He needed to feel like he had more weight to him, where the willowiness of the Akagi suits Hennesey much better. On a side note, if you have any questions about how I made those eyes, feel free to send me a note in a pm. It is a process but I am happy to share and can show you progress shots. I had a similar problem, actually with all colors of eyes. I got so angry at not being able to find what I wanted that I started making them. I still try to find some that I could buy before I cave and create them, I don't know why I do that but I do. Seriously though, hit me up :), I'm happy to impart what I learned and feel there is no reason to settle.

      Here is a better picture of Hennessey on his body if anyone has an interest in that. It was while I was working on his eyes so... yeah, I had to be clever. Excuse that he is a perv. Sorry about that, but this is the best shot that I have of him so far to show the lines of the body in contrast to his sweet face. Even blind he is so pretty.


      "M'not shy..." such a perv :rolls eyes... I didn't realize that he was holding the sweatshirt I had draped over him up with his hand until after this shot, and none of the others wanted to pull the correct plane of his body into focus. They are pretty, but I somehow shifted my angle and never found this shot again after I moved his hand.
    15. I am loving the photospam of all the beautiful guys here! Keep um coming!
      [MENTION=64125]Faith In Beauty[/MENTION] YEAH! I know! Doll Family H just overhauled their whole line. Thankfully I had already gotten the two dolls from there that I wanted before they were discontinued. Linfeng stayed of course as he is insanely popular (I have two myself) but I do miss all their gorgeous dolls.
      [MENTION=51379]Myrretah[/MENTION] I really like the akagi body! He is very cat like isn't he?
    16. Here is my Zhuangyan head that came in. He is pretty, his ears are very delicate looking.