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Update Doll Family - A Decorative Doll Horns. *Update - Horns are being Discontinued!

Apr 22, 2011

    1. Doll Family - A has released new decorative horns. Horns come painted and decorated as pictured, they include 4 magnets to apply to the horns and doll head. Length is 9.5cm, width is 2.9cm, (at widest point).

      Update - 6/10/11: DF-A is discontinuing these horns! They have agreed to allow Mint on Card customers to continue ordering the horns through us until we submit our next order on July 19th. Customers will have until July 19th to pre-order these horns, after that date pre-orders will no longer be offered and the only horns that will be available for purchase are the ones that we have in stock. Once our stock has sold out the horns will no longer be available!

      Update - 5/27/11: White/Bronze, and White Horns are now available.
      Update - 5/26/11: Horns are now available in a new color, White/Silver.




      The Red/Gold Horns are now in stock, the White/Silver Horns are available to pre-order and should be in-stock by late June or early July.

      For additional pictures please visit our online shop! :)


      Mint on Card, Inc

      Doll Family - A

      Doll Family Large Doll Discussion Thread
    2. Do you know if these will be a limited item?
    3. Wat size head are they made to accomodate?
    4. Have you any pictures from the Horns on a head?
    5. We were not told that these are limited.

      1/3, 20 - 25cm in circumference.

      A picture of the horns on a doll has been added to post #1.
    6. i know that these use magnets, but do the magnets go under the wig, and the horns outside the wig? or do the magnets go inside the head, and the horns on the surface?
    7. What is your shipping on the horns in the U.S.????

      - ShadowHawke -
    8. You glue the magnets inside the dolls head, in the head-cap.

      Shipping will depend on your location. You can use our Shipping Estimator on our website to find your shipping cost. Just add the item(s) you are interested in purchasing into your shopping cart, view your cart, and on the lower right side you will see 'Estimate Shipping'. When you are done you can either empty your cart, continue shopping, or check-out.

      Customers are also welcomed to PM me or email us at info@mintoncardinc.com with any questions that they might have.
    9. Announcement about price change on post #1.
    10. Decorative Doll Horns:
      material: red transparent resin
      include: a pair of horns, 2 pairs of magnet
      painted horns: $40 a pair
      un-painted horns: $35 a pair (customer should stick artificial stones by her/himself)

      for further information, you can also contact me by PM or email catas1717@hotmail.com, I am DF's DOA agent :D
    11. A new horn color is now available. A picture has been added to post #1.
    12. Is this "NEW" color available immediately...for shipping or is it also pre-order? I know your red/gold ones say in stock, even though the description still is listing May 31 as the order date so I was just hoping the others are too or will be in stock quickly unless the May 31 date is for the "NEW" color.

      - ShadowHawke -
    13. The Red/Gold Horns are listed as 'In Stock' on our website, and the new White/Silver are listed as 'Pre-Order'. If you order the Red/Gold they will ship out in 1 - 4 business days, if you order the White/Silver the order will be submitted to Doll Family - A on May 31st.
    14. [​IMG]
      Decorative Doll Horns:
      Material: red transparent resin, white (synthetic jade) resin
      Include: a pair of horns, 2 pairs of magnet
      painted horns: Red, White-A(silver), White-B (antique style), White-C $40 a pair
      un-painted horns: $35 a pair (customer should stick artificial stones by her/himself)

      for further information, you can also contact me by PM or email catas1717@hotmail.com, I am DF's DOA agent
    15. Will the gem stones come with the unpainted horns to be applied by the buyer or will they need to purchase them from an outside source? And what color are the unpainted horns... are they red or the white material?

      - ShadowHawke -
    16. When ordering blank horns from us they will not come with stones. You choose which color you would like your blank/unpainted horns to be, red or white.