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Doll Family - A Special Price Practice Head

Nov 7, 2011

    1. Doll Family - A is offering a 1/4 Practice Head at reduced price. This head is special priced at $19.95, the normal price for a 1/4 DF-A head is $40.00. DF-A's Practice Head is the same quality as all of their other products, it is being offered so that customers have the opportunity to practice painting dolls for themselves, without having to use a doll in their collection that is already painted.

      Pre-orders for the Practice Head will only be accepted through November 24th, after that date pre-orders will no longer be available. Practice Heads are only available blank. There are three examples of the head painted to show how different it can look depending on the style of painting, the make-up pictured is not available to order.

      Direct Link to Practice Head:


      For more information on this head please view the Practice Head listing on our site. :)


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    2. Will this be offered through Alices Collections too?
    3. Is this head limited or will it still be available after the initial preorder/release?
    4. Will you be able to choose which head?
    5. Will this head be able to fit a 1/4 body or will they cast it so it's for practice only? Also, if it's made to fit a body, I'm correct it'd be for the 44cm bodies? Also, are all three of the heads above the same head? Thank you!

      EDIT: I reread your listing on MoC and my first questions were answered. Now I'm just wondering if they're all the same head. Thanks!
    6. We were told that Chinese dealers are not selling the Practice Head, so from what we know we are the only dealer for DF-A with this offer.

      After the 24th we will no longer be able to order the head, so yes it is limited. That is not to say that this head will never be made available again, it's possible that DF-A may decide to do this again sometime, but we do not know for certain. We are going to order some of this head for stock, but once our stock sells we will not be able to get anymore.

      The heads pictured are all the same head, it is just shown painted three different ways so that you can see how different it can look depending on how it is painted.
    7. Sorry if this is a stupid question, what size eyes would one get for his head?
    8. 14mm - 16mm depending on your preference. We recommend 14mm.