Doll Family H Discussion

Apr 7, 2010

    1. For some reason there's no discussion thread for these pretties. :D Well no more! I have one of my own being created as we speak and I think we need somewhere to talk about them. :aheartbea I don't care what is said really, if you want to talk about your characters or the clothes that fit by all means please do. :)

      My boy's a Doll Family Lyre. As far as I know, there's only one other Lyre on the forum. I haven't even seen any of the DF girls, I'd be interested to hear about them.
    2. I don't believe I've seen any of the Doll Family sculpts. Could you give me a link to their site or pictures of their dolls? I'm always interested in seeing new dolls. If I'm reading this right, your Lyre will be the first doll you bring home? Congratulations on your order! Waiting is always the hardest part. Make sure to post pictures when you get him!
    3. I have never heard of them either and would like to know if there is a website as well.
    4. Doll family dolls are really quite lovely. Hubby has a Ling Yu boy who I really love. I used to have a Nuada on a girl body but girl dolls just don't work for me at all. I really love the Doll Family boy body (I like the girl body as well, but just can't bond with a girl doll). I love Poodle so much I am very tempted to buy a Doll Family boy of my own. I loved the look of Lyre and lingfeng. Just waiting to see owner pics to decide if one will work for a character of mine.

      Both of the doll family dolls I've purchased have been bought from Jeeryama on ebay
    5. There already was a Doll Family discussion thread there, actually...
    6. Oh well. Honest mistake. I'm sure the mods will merge this thread with that one soon.

      I did look at the dolls and I thought they had some interesting sculpts. I'm not certain if I'll end up buying one but I would like to see owner photos of them.
    7. Crud...I had seen that thread but I've stalked over DOA and forgotten even what I'd seen in my quest to find owner pics. Sorry about that guys.
    8. Bringing this back, I've just been looking at doll family on alice's collections and I thought they were pretty. :)
      Also, not to be a fool but what is the difference between doll family a and doll family h?
    9. I used to own a Doll Family A? And my friend Kirya owned a Doll Family H....they were nothing alike, I think it's two different artists within the company.
    10. Oh I see! That's cool, thanks for the info. :) I was thinking about one of these bodies for my Zaoll. x)
    11. My friend and I only owned boy bodies, but I found that I think A body posed better, though the middle bit liked to pop out sometimes like he was leaning far back, I had the skinny boy body Doll family A, my friend has the Normal H body.
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    12. That's awesome, thank you :)
    13. I have a Bei Lie doll from Doll Family H, ordered with a regular face-up instead of the scarred face-up. I have to say I think I scored with my first doll. This is just a little thing, but I love the box he was sent in. Most doll un-boxings that I've seen have cardboard boxes. Bei Lie's box was something a little sturdier than cardboard, and he was very well wrapped. I also got a pair of jointed hands with him as a gift, and the resin match was perfect. I'm really surprised there's not more Doll Family-H fans, especially because of some of the incredible sculpts they just came out with.
    14. I just bought Doll Family-A Que Wei. He is so amazing! Does anyone have a pictures of DF-A 1/3 (58cm - 62cm) head with 16mm and 14mm eyes? Photos, please <3
    15. I've got a Doll Family A Shana on layaway that I'm hoping to pay off within the next couple weeks. I'm so excited!
    16. Wow, such an abandoned thread! Hello ghosts of dollies past!!!

      I had this idea to make a doll based on a character who rides a skateboard, and I got a loongsoul body for one of my floating heads. But the artist I sent her to to be given a faceup, made her look unlike the character I was thinking of :doh Gorgeous, though, and I'm flexible, so... I happened to see a Xiao Xin head for sale at Alice's collections for only $25 and she had that young girl look to me, so I figured I can't lose, you know? So I was wondering if anyone has a Xiao Xin to share photos of?
    17. I bought 2 Xiao Xin heads from Alice's Collections myself! One is normal skin and the other pink skin. I got my pink toned head done (my first faceup!), but I made him into a boy instead of a girl.

      My first faceup!
      by Kaydee, on Flickr

      I think Doll Family sculpts are lovely! I have a Hu Xiaodao from DF-A I'm waiting on right now ^_^
    18. He looks awesome! What a great job for your first time! I really didn't think about it much, other than realizing if I want to make this character, I'd have to get another head. And then I saw it, only $25 and with some eyes n stuff, it was free shipping! How can I say no to that? Also, I have seen some stunning girls on a google image search, so... yah! I'm pretty excited! Thanks for popping by and saying hi :D @SynnfullKaydee :D
    19. Thanks! $25 is such a great deal! And free shipping is one of my favorite things ever :XD:
      I hope you'll show off your Xiao Xin when you get her all done ;)
    20. This is my Doll Family H practice head. I modded his mouth (took away fangs) and did a not so great faceup for him. I'm experimenting on eyebrow techniques and, as you can see, watercolor pencil makes them look ragged and smeary. anyway here he is:
      [​IMG]practice by Kit Lioncourt, on Flickr