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Doll Family , Pomelo

Jun 26, 2008

    1. New Bjds by Doll Family here is the News post


      I think she is adorable.

      I ordered two Pomelo with make up and normal skin. Now have to wait. Will post lots of pic when arrive :)

      Size info

      Height: 33 cm
      Head circumference: 23 cm
      Neck circumference: 7.2 cm
      Shoulder Width: 8 cm
      Long arm: 8.4 cm
      Bust: 17.2 cm
      Waist: 17.5 cm
      Hips: 21 cm
      Back long: 10.7 cm
      Thick thighs: 11.2 cm
      Leg length: 14.7 cm
      Feet long: 4.8 cm
    2. I didn't really understand...but how did you order and much did you pay for postage?
    3. The mods are discussing whether or not this new doll is OT for the forum or not, so, in the meantime - I'm gonna lock up this thread.

    4. Good to go. Chat away!
    5. Glad thread is open. Who else got Pomelo?
    6. mhhh Im so broke right now and I have one of Kays kids comming in
      but I like the look of this one ...such a lot of character ..I will be adding it to my list of must haves
    7. Had a good weekend ..so ordered one
      I love how unique the body sculpt is ...I had to order the little boy
      I wonder how long it will be before they are shipped

      well I had to how else am I to make wigs LOL ...

      Seriously though according to the measurements he has a big head ...
      cant wait to get this tubby baby
    8. tinybear - congrat on getting one also :) the face looks very different from the other bjds I have seen and look very cute.

      That's true how can you make a wig without having one right in front of you LOL

      I heard it will take half month..I hope so bec. I am looking forward to getting mine and posting pics :)
    9. this baby looks like the perfect scale for an SD family! I love the chubby legs. and that face is so cute. too big for me though.
    10. She has this sort of ugliness in an adorably appealing way; I absolutely love her. Oh, and I love her little profile. I'm so tempted, especially since the normal price will resume on the 19th.
    11. I know what you mean
      kinda reminds me of the old Dollshe Mai ...kinda strange looking baby
      I never bought the Mai ..so I made sure I was going to get this doll
    12. I just did a double-take, but wow, is Pomelo honestly going to take 9 inch wigs?
    13. It looks to me like this little boy would be a perfect baby/tot for SD size dolls! About half the size, so maybe a 4 year old? or even 3 year old? People are always looking for a baby for their SD's ???
    14. crossed my mind when I looked at the picture
      the looks smaller ...but I will find out soon :)

      mind you the Buddy Doll tiny has the same head as an MSD
      but that looks as though it has a large head ..this one dosnt
    15. I love strange chubby babies they are my favorite. Here is my twin Mai. The wig is actually small for them. Both wearing Anne Estelle clothes.

    16. Oh ChinaDoll I forgot it was you who had the 2 Mai !
      I think they are fantastic
      they always make me smile ...
    17. Not many pple like them, but I love Mai alot. I never ever thought of selling them. I can never get tired of looking at them.
    18. Aw, they are so cute, chinadoll!

      And thanks, tinybear. Can't wait to see your pomelo!
    19. Oh, Chinadoll, they are just too adorable! I can't stand how I never adopted at least one >.> But congrats on your twins, they are so sweet:D Honestly, I never considered them before because the stock photos were very unflattering and these little babies have so much character:D Its strange how the professional photos did them no justice at all. But seeing user photos really changed my mind. I'm really excited to see these little Pomelo babies from the perspective of a home camera, I'm sure they are even cuter than the stock photos claimXD
    20. http://happyhouse4u.com/shopex/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=206&productname=
      This website was most helpful, even when I had trouble with checking out. They speak English and they take Paypal. I ordered a NS Pomelo with no make up and paid via PP $160 total. She will be shipped tomorrow! I already asked my friend if she'd like thje chance to do her face up as well as see the whole doll. My only concern is the measurements. She is according to my On-line conversion chart going to have a size 9" head? She measures 33cm tall so about a hair under 13 inches. But you look at the pics and you swear she would be 6" tops. Worried I just bought another doll that had pics that fooled me. Full report here after she arrives.