Event Doll Fashion Show event

Apr 20, 2018

    1. Dolkus Doll Fashion Show Event

      As we give appreciation to our valued supportive customer, we conduct an event to give a return for continuously supporting us to BJD / Doll industry!.

      Prizes :

      Best Fashion Doll Boyd:R - Rock Star | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop

      1st Runner-Up Bedrice Fullset | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop & MiniFee Head Normal skin | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop

      2nd Runner-Up Nehemie fullset | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop

      Consolation Prizes = Dolk 5 Points


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    2. Hi :) Just wondering if this competition is open to all bjd owners or just your customers? And is the first prize an outfit or a doll? Thank you for your time ^.^
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    3. How many entries can we do? Per doll or just one per person
    4. Hello, Everyone are invited to join, all you need to do is make a registration in our site and be a member, and the price is a doll.

      Thank you for your recent message, by the way the entry must be 1 person 1 entry. thank you.
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    5. Are we required to make the entire outfit?
    6. It's really depends on you, as long as you make your doll look like a fashion doll.
    7. Update : We are now accepting entries. Thank You.
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    8. Update: Few Days Left Before Accepting Of Entries Will Be Closed. Don't miss this chance.
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    9. The price is a doll, or the prize is a doll? Not normally a spelling Nazi, but it's kinda important in this context.
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    10. Thank you for this one, im sorry i put wrong spelling this is right. "The prize is a doll"
    11. Update : 2 days left!
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    12. I understand 1 person, 1 doll 1 entry. But let's say I managed to update my previous video submission with better quality in terms of editing, am I still be able to submit the new one?