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Doll Faux Pas

Nov 27, 2004

    1. I just wanted to start a topic where we can rant about stupid things we've done when we were noobs... or things we continue to not know. XD;;

      I will admit here... that I can not tell which dolls are Shiro or Tsukasa off hand. XD;; It takes me a minute and I'll think maaaaaaybe it's one? But I'm never for certain. X3

      I also couldn't remember if Luts was LUTS, Lutz, or Luzts. X3;; I grew up with a girl with the last name Luzts(pronounced "loot-z"). I also find I can't pronounce half the stuff correctly.
    2. When I was restringing Zouka I had a problem with the arms...and somehow his forearm, wristjoint, and hand EXPLODED across the room. Thankfully nothing broke, but it took me a good three hours to find the forearm, which had magically landed in my underwear drawer. xDDD;;;;;
    3. omfg. that one joint torso has to be THE HARDEST to restring! O.O
    4. XD Recognizing dolls and getting them mixed up was the biggest thing for me, I think. I can't remember any one funny incident... But there were so many (even though there are more now!) that sometimes I just had no clue!
    5. Thinking El was a girl.

      And thinking he was prettier than Lishe. *ducks* ^^'
    6. I think I definitely did my fair share of whining, partly due to my frustration of not being able to get a job. Although almost no whining is justifiable. ^^; But now I've got a job and it's all good.

      I can't think of any especially stupid things I've done; I'm typically very shy about entering online communities and whatnot, so I'm sure I did my research before coming out and asking questions. :D
    7. Whenever I talk about dolls, I always delicatly skirt around pronouncing any of the more, diffacult names. I mean, the ones unlike Sara or Alice. The Japanese ones. I'm so paranoid I'll pronounce them wrong. I ask my friend how to say them because he speaks Japanese. Thank goodness. Otherwise, I'd be stuck.
    8. This is a great thread idea!! I mean, we're all n00bs at some point, so it's great to know that other people messed up too >_<;;

      When I got Billie's head, I decided to wipe her default faceup after a few days. I'd read up on faceup tips and tutorials like crazy, and thought I knew my shite, so I was feelilng fairly confident. Confident enough that I thought I'd cheat the system and use cheapo yellow-tinted nail polish remover.

      Her entire head was stained this horrible piss yellow colour. She looked jaundiced, and I was horrified! I scrubbed her with soap, I even tried more nail polish remover, but the yellow wouldn't budge. I freaked out and called my dad, who's worked with resin in the past and said I probably wouldn't be able to get the yellow tint off. Nevertheless, he whisked me off to buy some acetone, and we set to work on Billie's poor sickly head. And...it worked! It worked wonderfully, and now she's healthy-looking again and I'm going to stick to plain 'ol acetone for all my faceup removal needs XDD;;
    9. Not a mistake I've made, but the funniest n00b error I see is when they come onto a board like this and say "I've just discovered Ball Jointed Dolls and I love them, where can I get one cheap ?"
    10. I know...posts like that are so...amusing. And annoying at the same time. And if they just ran a quick search, they'd come across DOZENS of other posts just like them that got the exact same replies: "You can't," "Find the perfect doll and save up - don't just buy something cause it's 'cheap,'" and "Try a Dollfie Dream or an Obitsu 60 cm from Azone - they're just above $200 a piece. Very affordable."


      And then the person goes: "$200?!?!? No way! Thats... blah blah blah..."

      And people get annoyed at them, and have to force themselves to be polite and helpful, and you can HEAR it in the way their reply posts are written.

      As for me...my n00b stuff was pretty much all out of my system befroe I ever started posting. I've had the occasional "I can't for the life of me remember the name of this head right now, even though I KNOW who it is," but other than that...I like to think I had most of the stupid questions out of the way before I tried to talk to anyone - I actually RAN searches when I had a questin, and ALWAYS found the answer.

      Though, there was that one time I couldn't figure out WHERE the little SD and Korean BJD Icons everyone had in their sigs came from....
    11. thinking that a normal volks dollfie was the same size that a superdollfie :oops:
      Did think that Yen was a girl (I wanted to buy him at my first time) :oops: :oops:
      Didn't know what OOAK was :oops:
      Yela must know more stupid things I've done since she was my "teacher"...
    12. when I first started, I think there was probably way way way too many posts of me doing:

      (a) is this really nana? or is it nono? (2 days later....) is this nana too? , etc, etc.
      so it takes a while to be able to recognize the heads well! I dont really think this is a faux pau (sp?) though? I mean everyone including people who have been around for a long time still have trouble recognizing certain heads, so it's ok. as long as you're making an effort to go through the head-list pages first before asking here. :)

      (b) a tonnnnnn of repeated questions I posted about how to buy my doll once I decided. back when I ordered my first doll, the ONLY way you could order any kind of asian bjd was through masamichi pretty much. I was SO NERVOUS. I'd never used a shopping service before, and many people at that point had to wait like 4 months with some previous methods to get their doll! I also had never seen an SD in person and had NEVER bought such an expensive doll!
      :) I still have her...
    13. Doll Faux Pas I've done:

      - Thinking Yuni was a boy, based entirely on the 1st Yuni pics on Volks' site and the text "Yuni is going to Rock Your World!"

      - Confusing DoA posters with each other because they had the same doll for their user icon. :p
    14. lol, me too, i use to think tht dollfie is the same size as super dollfie when i first got into BJDs and i was so excited to see a dollfie going for a low price on ebay after saying the high prices on shopping service. but then 2 sec later, i was like that cant possible be right...then i found out the difference :oops:
    15. I STILL do. *ducks along with you* :grin:

      I never know who anybody is, I'm too new. People go "F28 head on schoolsomebody body" and I think what the HECK is that? I don't think of it as a faux pas, though, because I'm new, which isn't my fault. :grin: Nobody here has ever been unkind when I've asked one of my 1001 dopey questions. :grin:
    16. SAME HERE! Same heeeeere!!! *___*
    17. not what i've done *i knew i was gunna haeve to rack out several hundred bucks for a doll*

      but seen 'n00bs' get mad over teh price of teh dolls and the price of S&H.

      what i have done.

      start freaking out about if the doll will come here safe 3 weeks after i've ordered...
    18. I agree with the threads asking for dolls cheap. ^^; My n00b mistakes were... Humm... Harassing people I found about FCS, and where to get a doll, and how to get one (*did this for two years* :oops: ) and my second... Having NO idea if Dark Michael was a girl or a boy (Before Volks had an english page. @_@) and trying to desperately get my friend who knows a little japanese to look it over and find out Michael's gender (I always thought maybe Volks had meant to say 'Michelle', I mean look at him! It looks like he's wearing a skirt, and I hoped but I didn't think Volks would be that taboo. ^^; But they're just skimpy shorts XD). He never found Michael's gender and then I found out he was a boy when Volks went english. XD
    19. I did a lot of silly things when I first got Miyoko, for sure! Once I tried to recreate someone's method for drying parts after coating (it looked easy enough on the web) and made this crazy coathanger mobile thing to hang her pieces on in my bathroom. Anyway, it didn't balance properly and her torso and a few arm and leg pieces ended up crashing on my bathroom tile, ruining the coating. Lesson: resin is durable (nothing broke)! Still, it scared the crap out of me and I never let that happen again!
    20. I think the stupidest thing i've ever done is get into arguments on the forums... i just hate to see people fight over whatever it is that week, like a dolls name, make-up preferences, someone saying someone elses doll is ugly/crap/cheap looking whatever... And i cant resist having my say.

      doll wise, i the only really stupid thing ive done is accidently get acetone on a face-up just after i'd done it! Poor Valentine ended up with a huge white streak over his forehead! :oops:
      I fixed it tho... and i wont be doing it again!