Doll Furniture

Apr 2, 2005

    1. How many of you go beyond wearables (clothes, wigs, etc) and actually buy (or plan to) furniture (chairs, beds, etc) for your dolls? Has anyone purchased any of these type items from Domuya? Is there another site or sites that offer these kinds of things? What do you consider to be a fair price for these kinds of items? Just curious because I've been taking a class where I've learned to make these kinds of things and would like to possibly offer them for sale at some point :oops:

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    2. I'm making a bed for Xavier, outof a cardboard box because all the stores around me arevoid of 18 inch doll beds.. even ones in Seattle, whcih is suposedto be the busniess center of my state >.<

      He has some chairs...1o.oo ea
    3. Yeah I've always wounderd where other people's dolls "lived". Like if they had there own furnature or their own space in the house that was "theirs". I plan to buy my Chi a lounge at some point and give her, her own space to live.
    4. My grandmother and I scrounge around flea markets and second hand stores for doll stuff sometimes. I found a great wicker chair that fits Vincent perfectly for like $3 and she found him a white washed lounge chair for around $6. So my kids have two chairs they both sit in, there is a "sofa" with drawers that fits Yukito and a mini rocking chair that sits all my kids at once and is kind of beat up. I found it in one of my grandmother's rentals. It got left behind months ago, so she said I could claim it.
    5. I just have a chair for poor Anika. I envy people that can make little apartments for their dolls because I long to do so but I have no space whatsoever. So the poor dear just sits in the chair, even at nighttime.
    6. I inted to make a chair for my boy once he gets here and i get acurate sitting measurments and such not, or else he'll just live on a dresser edge all day. If I ever have room to make an living area for him.
      we'll see how far my skill with bass wood goes. :oops:
    7. I'm looking for furniture, and would love to see what you come up with. The furniture at Domuya is gorgeous, but there's no way I could afford it. I think I'd only be willing to pay about $30 for doll furniture (maybe more if I fall in love with it) but I realize that might not be a realistic price for something of quality that isn't produced in a factory.
    8. I paid 15 dollars for a cute white wooden chair. I'llhave to take photos. but it was made by a localperson, and sold in a small 'trinket' store.

      depends on a lot. I know somepeople will talk about type of wood. is it painted? is it stained? is teh wood finished or un finished.

      what type of material would be used.

      so I guess price reflects on how complex the peice is
    9. Do you remember the name of the store? I'm a fellow Pittsburgh resident.
    10. I have several cheapish couches from places like Marshalls or Ross (like $10). I have one very extravagant sofa from Volks, which I adore, that cost like $170 or so.... even though it was expensive, I consider it worth every penny. I have one of Domuya's beds and I think that it's very well made and worth the price.

      I also have an animation desk that my friends made for me... (which is priceless of course!)!
      I hope to eventually have another bed and maybe a whole "room" for my SD. but... I think most people don't want to go that far.

      pics of my kids on the bed here:
      pics of the sofa I love:
      pics of my desk:

      However I think most doll owners don't really um... "go all out" for furniture, especially when its expensive. it seems to me, and this is just my personal opinion, but people tend to splurge more on clothes than furniture for their dolls. So if I were you, thinking about making furniture, I think you would probably be best off trying to keep the prices low. I can think of only one or two other people who have really expensive beds for their dolls, etc. I love mine, but not everyone has the room or the inclination to spend on that.
      just my 2 cents! :)!
    11. that take the prize as the best desk in the world ^_^
    12. well, my plan is to offer stuff that is on par with Domuya's but for like 1/3 the price...and I would def. consider trading an item or items for custom clothes and stuff since I can sew but am not as good as a bunch of the gals here are :oops:
    13. I've been hunting like a fiend lately for furniture for my girls. I got really tired of their "ghetto" play area. I just bought a wardobe/cabinet for about $30, lost out on a bed from ebay cause I wouldn't spend more than $50 :| , and have been buying other little odds and ends. It's hard to find stuff that doesn't look like "doll furniture". And stuff that is big enough for the SD size. I find tons of mini sized stuff, but not alot of SD size. I've actually been looking at A.G stuff, but I'm not too exactly sure how in scale it is.
    14. it wasn;t in pittsburgh.. it was in Harmony, PA.

      across from the Inn / resturant. the Zigler House. all sorta of odd neat things in there.
    15. i got a wooden bed and a computer desk for Marius from a very nice family freind! (TAH SANTA!!!!)

      And i have a futon for my sweet being made by the family freinds wife! (YAY!)

    16. Saa, if you guys have a Daiso (Japanese 100yen store) nearby, you guys can go visit it. The place sells tonnes of stuff there, wooden furniture being part of their collection. However, the sizes are big.. As I asked from Lauren (who owns a Petite Ai), the chairs can fit a doll the size of a Petite Enfant... o_o I'm still trying to figure out if the chairs can fit MSDs...
      Oh, and each furniture costs S$2 which should be around US$1+. That's VERY cheap. :3 Oh, they also have this metal bench thing that's supposedly for display in gardens. It's heavy and feels like the real-sized version, and it's also $2! :D

      I'll be making a trip to Daiso soon, and perhaps I'll buy some furniture back to measure and ask around. :3 if it's possible, i'd love to customize these readymade furniture into prettier ones and sell them at low prices for doll owners. X3
    17. I have a nice chair for my boy (made from twigs), that I actually got for another doll a long time ago. I'd like to find him a sofa/chaise to lounge on. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of places up here for doll furniture/accessories, and I haven't found anything on line that I really like yet.

      I was thinking about looking at the Petco that just opened here. I've heard that they sometimes have cat/dog beds shaped like couches. I've yet to find anything at the Toys R Us, Michaels, or WalMart that would work.

    18. I've been wondering if some of the furniture for 18" child dolls (like American Girls) would work for BJDs. I have a bunch of chairs, and I'm going to build a bed for my boy. Oh, and I've joined a book club that sells miniature books, just so he can have a well-stocked library! :lol:

      I've got lots of decorative items for him, and I can build furniture if I can get to woodworking equipment.
    19. Well, Adrienne's got a bed and a chair. Last Friday at Michael's I bought her a shopping cart. :oops:

      Haven't got a clue as to what I'm going to do with it.