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Doll Heart latest Section~^^

Oct 17, 2005

    1. Dear all lovely people ^^
      Hello ~ I am latest member in Doll Heart
      My name is D ~ ^^

      I am bringing a latest news to you ^^
      Doll heart has released a new section called "Mix n Match"
      Come n see ~:D

      Click n See, please ~ ^^

      Wishing we have things in your mine ~ ^^
      and I am always here to help ~ ^^
      If you have any questions ~ please contact me anytime ~

      See you next time ~ and I will bring you more good news too ~ ^^
    2. Thank y ou for posting this! I never got a chance to look at the mix and match clothes.. they are very cute. I want that dress for MSD girls.. it's sweet and loevly.
    3. ^^ Dear dagnyevelyn
      thanks for your compliment~
      I am so please to hear that ~
      Thank you ~ ^^

      Would you mine to tell me which dress you are interested in?^^
    4. [​IMG]

      ohh~ I forgot to post our images about our shop ~ ^^
      We just moved to a new shop in Hong Kong ~
      and I took some photos of the shop to share with you guys ~

      Hope you enjoy my little image show~ ^^
      for more details
      please visit our web site ~
    5. The shop looks great!! Oh! I will come visit in 2006!!!
    6. The store looks great!!!

    7. Oooooh! Wish I lived closer! :cry: The shop looks like lots of fun!!!!

    8. oh, it looks so pretty!
    9. just a suggestion, you should use scrolling frams >.< my comp isn't tall enough to see all the msd options when I go to the main page
    10. I am going to HK for sure in December and know where the shop is :D :D :D
    11. WAuw how great! I wish I could visit you guys! the shop is a dollsdream!! >_<
    12. The shop looks absolutely lovely! I hope I get a chance to come to Hong Kong some time and see it...and thanks for the update! I love Dollheart clothes, and the shoes are really to die for :)
    13. oo i've been there. I miss it so much, o doll heart why can't you be near me always...I miss kong Kong :(
    14. bonjour~ ^^
      Its me, D again~
      thank you for all of your wonderful replies and comment~ ^^

      :D Thank you ~
      Please come and visit our shop ~^^
      where are you from Lovely Shop4Dolls?

      ^^ thanks for your interest our shop~
      where are you living right now? is it far?

      In fact it is fun too ^^ at my point of view anyway~
      We will hold many different functions at some special days~
      hmm ~
      ar! lately ~ we will hold a doll party for celebrating halloween ~
      If you are close by ~ please come and join us ~ ^^

      Please come and visit ~ ^^
      Doll heart is located at Monk Kok
      here~ this is the address: Rm 801-802, 8/F Dundas Square,
      43 H Dundas Street, MongKok.

      you can call us first to ask for the where about ~ ^^
      Tel: (852)-2323 8963

      and our working hours is between 12:00pm til 10:00pm at night ~

      ^^ It is a pleasure that you like our product so much~
      Please come, when you come to Hong Kong ~ ^^
      of course~ you can also shop from our web site
      please check our site out oftenly~

      NoNoNanoon >>
      oo~ an older customer ~ ^^
      don't just miss it ~ come to our shop when you have time ~ ^^
      but Doll heart moved to a new location ~
      please come when you are back to Hong Kong ~

      pony_gery, lilmissmaya, Bliss>>
      Thanks for liking our shop~ ^^
      It is very lovely~
      please come when you have time ~ ^^
      even you guys aren't in Hk ~
      I will bring news through web ~
      hope you can enjoy it ~ ^^

      I am sorry about the scrolling dear Pony_grey
      but our site is best viewed in 1024 x 768
      hope you don't mine ~ if you have any problem ~
      please don't be shy ~ and contact me ~ ^^
      I am always here for you~
    15. MIX AND MATCH CASUALS????!?!

      It's a dream come true!! Thank you, DollHeart!!!

    16. Ooooh this is awesome! Say..... is this clothing unlimited or limited? Will it be like your shoes, wigs and clothing on your main site? Once they sell out they're gone??? :o

      Hope not cause I wanna order a bunch of stuff..... but I can't for like another month >.<
    17. Doll Heart makes me so happy just reading posts. Always so friendly and nice ~

      Your store looks beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work~ :daisy
    18. i love all the shoes. i just bought 4 pairs ^.^ i hope i get them soon
      the wigs a amazing. im going to buy a wig soon!
    19. For some reason, the SD sized mix and match section of your site doesn't come up for me. Is that part of the site down? :(
    20. Dear Shana-chan,

      It should be OK now :oops: