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Doll Heart update

Aug 19, 2004

    1. http://dollheart.com/

      If you haven't bought from them before, I can personally heartily endorse the quality of their shoes! They also ship fast and are very polite and easy to deal with! Their shoes though... OMG... how beautiful and soft and well-made they are!

      They just updated with some new outfits and shoes! ^_^!
    2. I love the new black platform mary jane shoes! They are sooo cute! :grin:
    3. I just won one of their dresses on eBay and bought a pair of shoes from the site. Their stuff looks great...I can hardly wait to see it in person! :chibi
    4. Just ordered a pair of the white girlie boots yesterday!

      My shopping spree continues *wheeeee*
    5. How's the quality of their wigs? Anyone know?
    6. Their wigs are very nice! Well, I just have the one, but it is well made, soft and shiny and holds the style well. The wig cap is good quality and fits well (I've had mine on the four sisters head). My only complaint is that the individual hairs seem to come out more easily than Volks wigs.
    7. Jeez, Amy! You're not kidding! I love those black heels...and the black shoes with white lace...and the pink ones...oh heck, I love them all! Would the SD13 shoes fit a DD? Aurelie is in desperate need of shoes. Not to mention pants...

    8. I took some photos of my Dollheart wig for those interested (this is the wig that came with the "White Rose of Versailles" outfit set):


      I also wanted to mention that I get their newsletter, and a couple of months ago they were asking for people who are interested in selling their product to contact them. I thought I'd mention it here, in case anyone is interested :daisy
    9. Have to agree with everything you say about Dollheart, I have just ordered a pair of the black and the white high heels for my Dollfie girls, I already have some of their boots. They are really easy to deal with and they are quick to ship your purchases out to you. Its really nice to find somewhere that does good footwear for Dollfies, and I love their fashions as well
    10. here is a picture Of My Lishe Doll with a Dollheart dress on. :grin:
    11. Doll Heart is the BOMB! I own two pairs of their shoes and they are awesome.

      I highly recommend them.

    12. I really like Dollheart shoes & outfit ! They are so well done !
      Here some pics of 2 Dollheart's outfits White Lilly & Black Tulip with shoes...
      They are nice to deal with and very sweet !

    13. I agree with all the positive comments. Their stuff is great. I have the pink/white heeled maryjanes and they're fabulous though too big for my CP girls. They fit Standard SD fairly well. Maybe they've changed the size of the shoes a bit? Because mine really are way too big for Lishe and Soo bodies. Here's a pic of Ileana in the Black Tulip outfit. I have the White Lily on the way! I went to their site but didn't see any new dresses. Did I miss something?

    14. I want the black Tulip dress and I would love some, but everything I like says it is sold out. :x