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DOLL & HOBBY - Dolpa Nagoya Limited Doll Preorder!!

Aug 25, 2005

    1. I AM NOT SELLING THESE I AM JUST PASSING ON THE EMAIL I GOT From Frank at Doll and hobby Shop. Do not pm me.

      If you want to order something not listed here email The Doll & Hobby Shoppe [jw@idolls.us] Or phone them. They do not want emails for doll orders however they want you to phone.

      http://www.doll-hobby.com/ TEL: 1-386-734-3200


      Finally, a longer time to take preorders. Orders are due by September 6th at 4:00pm. I absolutely will not take orders by e-mail or phone messages.
      You must call and speak to me directly. Due to the amount of cancellations last time, non-refundable deposits are necessary once again. The are of course non-refundable only if you cancel. If we cannot supply you with a doll, deposits are fully refundable. All information that will be used at time of shipping will be due when placing your order. Paying with a check?
      Deposit is still needed. Most likely, Magic Michael will be in short supply. I cannot take orders such as "If I order Michael and he doesn't come in, can I get on the list for Toppi?". Sorry, I cannot order extra dolls based on scenarios such as that. Please order for what you are positively buying, as I cannot make changes after I order. I always hope to have extra dolls in case of emergency, but we order very little extra.

      Volks has also informed me they will take another order for "standard"
      items. If there is something you need, now is the time to get on our site and order it. We should have availability on SD, DD, and most all of the common items. Please don't wait!

      The limited items will not be posted on our website, so this is your first and best chance to get on our list of preorders!

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?SD Boy
      Magical Michael" $1014

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?SD Girl
      Mimi Sweet Dream" $975

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?MSD Girl
      Toppi" $660

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?Yo-SD Boy
      Rengemaru Sweet Dream" $380

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?Yo-SD Girl
      Suzuna Sweet Dream" $380

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?DD
      Femi" $424

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?DD
      Cheryl" $424

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?Lost Angels
      Teato Somervil - Sailor uniform version" $115

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?Lost Angels
      Milcrorte Reati" $121

      "Dolpa Nagoya 2 LTD?Lost Angels
      Curl Heineken" $121

      To see pictures, please go to:
    2. :crushed
      its just not fair ,they wont ship to the Uk
      I so want the SDYO sleeping boy Rengemaru :crushed
      and my friend who could have orderd for me is inthe UK untill November !
    3. Oh wow! Thanks for the heads up!

      tinybear, is there someone else who could help? Don't cry!

    4. I didnt realise I had such great friends on the board
      now Im :crushed with joy :daisy
    5. Is there anyone in the USA who can help I live in the UK and I really really really want the sleeping Suzuna =( mew
    6. [Edited this post -- I can only help out with vendors who take PayPal, which I found out that D&H doesn't -- I don't have a personal credit card. Sorry!!]

      -- Andi
    7. The banner changes each time. Which one are you looking for?
    8. Well.. there was a lucas available...
      That's why
      Can't help but sigh
    9. One-offs and auction dolls are never available to Frank, unfortunately. I'm not sure if that custom Shirou was even displayed/sold at Nagoya 2 or only acted as a model for the website.
    10. Oh i didn't mean available to the vendors here;

      well he was available as a hall..something...
      That's all. A bit of word confusion on my part.
    11. *sigh* no international orders :( I'd love to get sleepy Suzuna
    12. Thanks TreeLore for the info! I called this morning and pre ordered Toppi...I hope I can get her!

    13. Boudicca > it sounds like Ashbet is willing to help those of you not in the States. You might want to PM her.
    14. Sweet Dream Rengemaru, you will be mine! :D :D :D :D !
    15. does anyone know what the deposit is for the Sleepy Suzanne is? I called DH just now, but they are closed.

      thanks in advance!
    16. As I understand it, the deposit is $100 for all dolls (although it may be more for the very high-end dolls). The balance is due when the doll arrives (Frank said it's normally about two months, although Volks will NOT give an approximate arrival date.)

      Wish I could help out -- I'm willing to help with eBay sellers who won't ship internationally, or vendors who take PayPal, but using credit cards is a problem for me since I don't personally have one (because, um, I'd be tempted to USE it -- this is why it works well for me to operate on a cash/PayPal-only basis, since it keeps me living within my means, LOL!)

      -- Andi
    17. Thanks Andi!

      And I understand if you are unable to help others out. This is a tricky situation, since there is a non-refundable deposit involved, and the length of time between doing the pre-order and actually finding out if a doll will be available. It makes it difficult to offer to buy these for people unable to get one.
    18. If anyone needs help with vendors who only ship to the U.S. and accept PayPal payments (i.e., a lot of eBay sellers), I'm more than happy to assist, since I'm always at the post office anyway *grin*

      -- A :>