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Doll Hobby has some Kyoto 3 Ltd dolls on their site

May 26, 2005

    1. Just so you know it's Suzuna, not Suzanna.
    2. Dearest Barb ~~~~~~~~~~

      Thank you , Thank You , Thank You for sharing the news :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy
    3. Someone should maybe let Doll & Hobby know too, because she's listed as "Suzana" there as well. I think often there's a tendency to want to "see" the names as ones we're more familiar with, and the more we "see" the names that way, the more we begin to think of them as such.

    4. Thanks for posting this! I was sad to have missed out on a Suntan Sweet, so I'm going to try and order a Suzuna. :grin: They're so darn cute.
    5. Let me add my voice of thanks to those already listed here!! I was able to get my Suzuna and am soooo happy!
      Thank you for letting us know!
    6. I just ordered Rengemaru from D&H and he's still in stock if you guys want to get him.
    7. Aww, I ordered a few hours ago and got an automated confirmation email, but just now I got this message:

      I am sorry to e-mail that we have sold out of the Yo-SD Suzana. I
      am hoping we may receive more in the next few weeks, but I cannot be sure.
      I can keep you on backorder if you'd like. Thanks and sorry again, Frank.

      :( I'm having bad luck with little ones.
    8. Hopefully Rengemaru comes to me :0 Since he wasn't too popular hopfully nobody bought him before me >> He seems to be still "In Stock" on the site while Suzuna is "Out of Stock"... *crosses fingers*

      Sorry about your missing out on Suzuna, why don't you try the after party on volks tommorow? You are also in CA so it should be at about 6pm our time.
    9. They have the Dollfie Dream 2 Base bodies too! AAH! I just ordered one from the Volks english site and paid lots more!!!! Boo Hoo! Oh well, at least I am getting it!

      Just FYI and thanks for posting!

    10. Thanks for the suggestion, tammie, I'd completely forgotten about the after party this weekend. :)

      I hope you get your little boy too!
    11. No problem!
      And thanks, I seem to be getting him...:)