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Doll Hobby preorder, part II!

Nov 24, 2004

    1. Check your inboxes if you're on the list. If not:

      We have been informed that our shipment should be reaching us in the next
      few days. I am hoping to start shipping items by Monday at the latest. We
      will start processing orders as soon as the shipment arrives, hopefully

      If you ordered one of the old makeup version SD's, I am sorry to disappoint
      you, but we will receive none. I will try to contact each of you
      individually to let you know what happened.

      I am also going to take preorders again this week starting now. I don't
      have the time to post anything on the website due to the holidays. Volks
      has told me they will try to ship this to have it before Christmas, but I
      can make no guarantees. Due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate, this
      order will again be based on the exchange when I have to pay, plus 15% to
      cover all incidentals. If you have any questions on this, please ask before
      you order.

      What I am offering for this order is the same as last preorder. All SD's
      and accessories, MSD's and accessories, 22 and 27cm dolls and accessories.
      I wish I had the time and manpower to list everything on the site for all of
      you, but we have just started to get hit with the busy season. I need to
      cut off orders on Sunday to get this in to Volks, so the sooner the better.
      We will be open on Friday and Saturday. Best thing is to call. Please
      e-mail any questions to info@doll-hobby.com, please don't reply to this

      I hope this hasn't made it too confusing, but we are running on a skeleton
      staff with the holidays coming too fast. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

      Happy Thanksgiving!
    2. I wonder where is it now (customs?), since I got an email from Frank last week about being informed their shipment is on its way.

      Anyways these things take time and I for one will remain cool as a cucumber awaiting my order to ship! ;)
    3. Oh, so he's doing another preorder, with the same stuff, neh? So cool!
      *so broke* :|
    4. I cant wait to see what (if anything) from my order came in! I just got a lot of accessories, but most of them were things I really really wanted.
    5. Woohoo! Nagisa-chaaaannnn!!! :D I'm so excited!
      I haven't gotten this message yet, though, and I'm on the list. Has anyone else not gotten it yet?
    6. I'm on the list and haven't gotten it either.

      Thanks for posting, Setsuna! :grin:
    7. I got it :)

      I wonder what shoes and wigs and stuff will be up for offer this time?

      Sad about the old makeup SDs tho :( i know some people really wanted them.
    8. Anyone got order confirmation and payment status from Frank today?
      This concerns his incoming shipment from Volks. *Everyone waiting on*
    9. I did!
      But it doesn't look like the amount is right, and I can't log into the site! I have no password. Can anybody help?
    10. darn....nothing from Frank for me. I did get the - no SD10's email - and the other email about the next preorder, which I emailed him back and ordered more. Sure hope I got the shoes....oh well hopefully I will hear soon...
      BTW I cant log in either ( imac OSX)
    11. I ordered 2 midi bodies from the incoming order, but haven't heard from them about the payment status or anything.

      From the newest preorder though I just ordered a MSD Hisui kit, some HG glass eyes, and Volks SD Spectacles. I hope D&H gets everything!
    12. Amy at the time you placed your order, you're asked on the order page (w/personal info + order tally) if you'd like to create a password. That's when I had done it.

      Give them a call or email them. Maybe there's a way of creating that password.
    13. Ahh, thanks! I must have missed that completely. :oops:
      I emailed them, so hopefully I'll hear back from them tomorrow!
    14. that was me. :oops: :oops:
    15. I had a big order, too ... about $400 of wigs and accessories. (And that beautiful couch!)

      I got my invoice today. $12.

      Maybe I got the paintbrush I ordered....? :crushed
    16. It's okay Janne! I emailed them, and they charged full price. So Nagisa's on her way! I don't know why they sent out invoices that said $12 (mine did too). Maybe they didn't have time to enter the right total?
    17. That's fantastic, Amy! Congratulations!

      I wonder if I am getting my order after all...? :D
    18. Huh... my original order was about $130, I got billed for $90. Guess we'll see?
    19. waaaah, no invoice for me yet, I'm DIEING to find out if I got that couch. I wanted it SOOOO BAD!
    20. No invoice for me either... I guess the MSD waffle wig and chunky boots are not meant to be for me. >_<